why are people such assholes?

Discussion in 'Mixing' started by Hev, Dec 21, 2001.

  1. Hev

    Hev Active Member

    I just don't understand the asshole factor on R.A.P. Instead of trying to be helpful they just want to boost their own egos. It is like everyone acts like the comic book store owner from the simpsons! Sorry... had to vent.
  2. Bear's Gone Fission

    Bear's Gone Fission Active Member

    It doesn't feel like home their anymore. I've been dabbling in some other forums, but RO does feel like home and the discussions I'm interested in happen here. One particular site has some good moderators who we know and love, but an absolutely horrid signal to noise in their content . . .

    However, I'm glad r.a.p. is still there for a few reasons. First is years of searchable archives. That's pretty damn handy, you must admit. Second, there are some knowledeable folk who only hang there, so it's good to check if they have anything new to share. And third, it drains off the assholes from where I prefer to hang.

  3. Kevin F. Rose

    Kevin F. Rose Active Member

    Originally posted by Bear's Gone Fission:
    However, I'm glad r.a.p. is still there for a few reasons. First is years of searchable archivesBear

    RAP is not what it used to be and I must admit it gets real old answering the best condenser mic for under 100 bucks questions for the millionth time. The archives, if used bt newbies would benefit all. It would lower the signal to noise ratio and keep the real people around. When I turn off my filter I get 500 posts a day. With my killfile on I get 20. Life isn't that bad when you have a noise gate.
  4. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Can someone give me the URL for the forum? I'm more or less a newbie to these things, and so far basically hang here because it's great, with occasional forays into ProSoundWeb just to see what Fletcher/Bob/Mixerman are up to. Anyway, I'd like to check out this other site you are talking about, as well.
  5. erockerboy

    erockerboy Member

    RAP is a newsgroup (as opposed to a web-based forum). There's no URL. Instead, you access it via your email client or other newsgroup reader. I use Outlook Express; just setup your news server to subscribe to "" and bingo.

    I agree tho, RAP's "noise-to-signal" ratio is pretty much outta sight of late. The searchable Google archive is a very cool resource, however. (It's at for those not in the know.)
  6. Hev

    Hev Active Member

    While I agree there is a lot of junk on RAP, even the people with 'good reputations' seem to spout off degrading and 'self-gratifing' BS. Even if a stupid question or statement is made, no comment is better than their claptrap.
  7. Bear's Gone Fission

    Bear's Gone Fission Active Member

    There are some folks who do act like jerks, but not all. For example, I've found Scott Dorsey and Mike Rivers to be very courteous, helpful, and informative. In some cases they have strong opinions, but they aren't assholes about them. For their input alone, it's worth sorting through r.a.p. every so often. I find myself less interested in the magazine, Recording, since their contributions have tapered off.

  8. Hev

    Hev Active Member

    screw em' all I say... nah, some of em' are ok. the geek factor in the audio field freaks me out sometimes though. it is like computer geeks talking about chips etc. i just wish people could relax and be a bit more hippie about the whole thing. more sharing/caring and adding to the whole of audio instead of tainting it. i think a lot of em' sit there and criticize singers and musicians but could never match even their talents if they tried. i hope i don't become this jadded... as i'm just starting to enter the audio field. their attitudes make me want to consider a different occupation.
  9. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    I can't give RAP up...

    The sheer size of it I suppose, means there is a higher potential to asshole.

    The size + drab look, makes for more weird sort of bizarre posts, sometimes funny and sometimes nasty or dreary mud slinging matches..

    Still it's is IMHO the best place to pop a 'what the hell is this' audio gear question, because SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE on RAP will know the answer.

    I have been skipping over A LOT of posts lately, I have noticed that. Rap also has phases or cycles where it veers into being drab or a pain.. It seems to be in a 'steady as she goes, medium drab' mode at present.

    This topic title makes me a little nervous! But I can cope! :)
  10. audiokid

    audiokid Chris Well-Known Member

    BC, Canada
    Home Page:
    Well, it's good to read your positive comments about RO, it makes my job feel worth it. If you have a moment, please add comments like this to the link below.

    (Dead Link Removed)
  11. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    Pacific NW
    THIS is the place....though i Agree With The Bear...Mike Rivers is a great guy and does know his stuff...Hes also the main reason I wont be upgrading to mackie digital stuff...havent been to the RAP site yet...the prosound rec site takes too long to load(my crappy 'cow')...I do like cause its got Harvey Gersts' comments on all sorts of stuff and especially microphones...anybodys whos looking for a disiplined 'listen' and opinion of mic sound should check out harveys 'locker' of mics and then you'll understand why hes got such a definitive view of what they sound has nice articles and head to head tests...just my .09(inflated .02) worth...Happy Holidays to All...da dog :w:
  12. spp

    spp Guest

    The worst problem with R.A.P. is when one of the "core" members posts something inane and the other "core" members are so far up each other's you-know-whats that they will come to his defense and back him up at all costs, even when the original poster is incorrect. It's more like the "R.A.P. mafia", but a Polish one, at that!

    And no offense to any ethic group -- just trying to illustrate my point.
  13. Hev

    Hev Active Member

    It's a self-imposed aristocracy! Pure bull.
  14. Nate Tschetter

    Nate Tschetter Active Member


    On r.a.p, you have people of varying experience and tastes talking about entirely subjective topics using a communication method totally unsuited for that purpose.
  15. k.w.blackwell

    k.w.blackwell Member

    Originally posted by Hev:
    It's a self-imposed aristocracy! Pure bull.

    Until I got laid off a week and a half ago, I would typically scan RAP several times a day and keep up with probably 200 threads at a time. No, that's not why I got laid off. Anyway, I haven't been posting much there since I don't have much to say, but it's fairly easy to weed out all the junk and have nothing left over except mostly good stuff, and there's plenty of that. It takes a decent news reader with good filters to do it, so I just used "tin". I've been a regular on RAP for several years now. I'm curious to know what in the world you're talking about.

    Who is being an asshole over there? I can think of one "heavyweight" who is such merely because he knows a lot of stuff, but who has been a regular on RAP only for, I dunno, maybe a couple of years or so. He's one of the most annoying players, almost as bad as the trolls who come over from the "opinion" audio newsgroup, but he still adds a lot of useful info from time to time. Actually, that "heavyweight" has a strong presence because he seems to reply to almost everything. Perhaps that's who you're talking about, or that's someone who helped shape your opinion. From what I've seen, there aren't many people like that on RAP.

    But I don't let one or even a few overly brash newsgroup dominators blind me to the fact that there are a *lot* of great folks on that newsgroup, many of whom don't even bother posting anything unless they have something useful to say, and when they do it makes the whole experience worthwhile.

    But I'm looking at it from my perspective of being someone outside the industry with a passion for audio as a hobby, so I'm up for learning as much as I can. I've learned more there than here. For those of you who just want to have some comradere (which I probably don't know how to spell) with other professionals, you would probably find something like this forum to be a lot better. And those of you who don't use a decent newsreader are just SOL. A web-based forum like this just can't compare, IMO.

    RO has a much more manageable level of traffic, for now, at least. And so far the S/N ratio is a lot better than that of the prosound web forums, as well. But that depends on what you judge to be signal vs noise, and that will vary according to your needs.

    As soon as I get set up with a newsreader and newsserver again, I'll be tracking RAP again, though not quite so often. To each his own. But I just can't see any justification for all the RAP bashing here, and I'm *very* familiar with what goes on in that group. Or so I think. Perhaps my filters quickly weed out 90% of what has formed your opinions of it.

    Merry Christmas,
  16. Dave McNair

    Dave McNair Active Member

    I still cruise RAP on a regular basis. I still get and sometimes give(hopefully) meaningful information. Yes it is populated with newbies and disgruntled cretins. Sometimes I like that, sometimes I don't. It's called the internet.
  17. Hev

    Hev Active Member

    Nate... it is just the attitude in there. There are definitely 'clicks' in there, and they are terribly rude to people who ask newbie questions. It is my feeling that anyone just getting into audio should be encouraged and helped in all ways possible. When a stupid question is asked it is my feeling that it should be a warning flag for people to help EVEN MORE and be EVEN MORE helpful. It kills me to see people in the field of audio acting like a know it all computer geek. You know that character on saturday night live... the computer guy that yells 'move!' every time someone doesn't understand their computer. It is just like that. It sickens me and scares me to think what my future co-workers will be like.
  18. Ang1970

    Ang1970 Well-Known Member

    I can understand how people can become very frustrated with rap. Yes, you do need a thick skin to survive. A well designed newsreader with comprehensive filtering is a must. And there is always the stray a-hole with nothing better to do than see how much noise it can make.

    But the concept that fuels rap is a great thing, IMO. The fact that thousands of people at one time can come together and discuss audio related topics is no small feat. Rap was where I first met many of the great folks who have graced the threads of RO, some who even becoming moderators here. They gave freely their wealth of audio knowledge, and for that I am most grateful. It totally changed the way I looked at and approached my work. Without the advice I got on rap, I don't know what my career would look like today.

    These aspects of rap helped determine the direction of several aspects of this site. Hopefully we can recognize the good points of rap, and continue to implement them into this site. Also, IMO we should try to learn from the mistakes and shortcomings of rap, and focus on not making those mistakes - instead of bashing rap for them.

    Happy Holidays Everyone! :D
  19. MadMoose

    MadMoose Active Member

    Originally posted by Hev:
    Nate... it is just the attitude in there. There are definitely 'clicks' in there, and they are terribly rude to people who ask newbie questions. It is my feeling that anyone just getting into audio should be encouraged and helped in all ways possible. When a stupid question is asked it is my feeling that it should be a warning flag for people to help EVEN MORE and be EVEN MORE helpful.

    Yes, RAP can be rough at times. Nobody frowns on a thorough newbie question. When people ask what the best mic for guitar is it's not something that can be answered but it is a newbie question.

    To be totally honest I haven't been following your $*^t storm over there and I'm not about to. I try and stay out of the flame wars.
  20. Hev

    Hev Active Member

    To be totally honest I haven't been following your $*^t storm over there and I'm not about to. I try and stay out of the flame wars.

    This is the first flame war I have ever been involved in the 5 or 6 years I've been posting to newsgroups. Hopefully the last too, but I don't regret it. People need to stop mocking and being jerks, plain and simple.

    Nobody frowns on a thorough newbie question.

    Yeah, right. Monkeys are proably flying out of a particular orifice at this moment... :roll:

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