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Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by fabpab, Apr 5, 2004.

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  1. fabpab

    fabpab Guest

    Hey there.. Im brand new to this forum!!
    Nice to see a forum catering for most sides of the audio process!

    Im a relativly pro audio adict...
    I use a PC with Protools 6 and a alses ADAT AI3 with a Allen and Heath GS3 recording console...

    And its now time to uprgrade my speakers.. im think i need active monitors..
    what to you sujest as the best monitors under £500 for the pair?

    Im after a nice clear flat responce as i mix alot of Band orientated music..
    Not realy dance.. however there maybe some in the future....

  2. robchittum

    robchittum Guest


    Not sure what 500 pounds equals in US dollars, but assuming it is around $700? I don't think there are many choices for you. The Yamaha MSP5's go for around $500 US and aren't bad for the money. However, I would consider saving a bit more to go for a little better speaker since it is such important part of your set-up. Afterall, that is the only device that lets you hear what you are mixing, and you need them to be as accurate as possible. Unfortunately, you are really looking in the $1500 US range to step up to the next level. The MSP5's might do the trick for you though. I used to own a pair and liked them, but ended up going for some dynaudio BM6a's and haven't looked back. There are a lot of postings on this site related to monitors, but you just have to look around a bit. Good luck.

  3. mahfew76

    mahfew76 Guest

    I was in a similar situation to yours and went with the MSP5's. I really like them except they seem to work really hard in the lower bass area with any type of volume. The air moving through the ports of these speakers is pretty powerful when you turn them up. It was suggested to me in the thread below that I get an additional sub but haven't come to any conclusions yet as I am probably experiencing a combination of problems with my room and mix position.

    Is a sub really necessary with these monitors?
  4. This is one of those topics that in the end has to do with personal preferance however putting a price tag on what you are willing to pay helps. The other problem with buying speakers is not being able to listen to many different pairs to make your decision unless, you live near a big city with a good music store. With all of that aside many people will tell you as suggested before to save and buy the real high dollar stuff lets face it, waiting sucks! I would suggest the TR 8n from event. I have heard them and for 500$ a pair I think they would be well worth it and if you keep all of the boxes and take very good care of them you can definitly unload them on ebay to fund your next set, maybe WestLakes.. hehehe

    If its not fun why do it!!
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