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    Here we go. I took two MIDI files, one with lots up top, and the other with nice sustained pedal notes. I assigned these to two sample players I use - my favourite, the Pianoteq, has lots of different pianos - so I chose the D4 and K2, plus an old Pleyel - and selected the close miked versions and the more classically sounding distant ones. I cut them up, titled them and you can hear the result.

    I did note that I've chopped off a pedal up or down in a few places, so please forgive me that. The differences are subtle between the mic placements. See what you think.

    .... and now to put this into perspective, I'm off to do a Joe McEldrey show! (UK X-Factor winner) where the subtleties we're dealing with here might be less obvious - as they don't need a real piano at all.
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