Record noise removal (quiet passages) using Adobe Audition

Discussion in 'Mastering' started by walpoo, Oct 30, 2004.

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  1. walpoo

    walpoo Guest

    Hello all, I realise this problem may be posted somewhere else, but as a "non technical" person, I can't see any discussions that fit. Basically I find it hard to remove background noise (surface crackle, scratch etc) from quiet passages in Classical music LP to WAV conversion. LPs are in VGC. I use Adobe Audition and normally have success (in louder passages)with taking a sample in Noise reduction and applying this to parts of the track - this is normally OK. However in the really quiet passages, I find that even with the Noise reduction level at (say) 10%, this removes too much "body" and gives a "tinny, thin" sound. I realise perfection will be imposible to obtain, but is there a way to get rid of most noise. PS I monitor playback through an amplifier and AKG headphones, and am not happy with result. Sorry for long winded post, but any help welcome and thanks in advance. Take care, Wayne (aka Walpoo)
  2. zemlin

    zemlin Well-Known Member

    Sep 4, 2004
    Indianapolis, IN
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    If you're losing sound quality with a 10% noise reduction, there must be something not-quite-right with your technique. Please spell out in some detail your procedure. The main thing is you want to get your noise profile from a sample of the recording where there is NO MUSIC - just a short silent section where there is only noise.

    For an additional click / pop removal tool, check out ClickFix by Jeffery Klein. It is FAST, and in some cases yields better results than the native AA tools. - It costs $20 or $45 to register, depending on which version you choose.

    You don't need to remove try to remove all the noise in one pass. You will have several sources of noise on an album, and may have better luck if you remove them in several passes. You'll have some noise from the turntable and vinyl - you can get a good sample of that noise between tracks. You may also have some tape hiss and perhaps some hum from the analog recording process - you'll need to find a moment of silence in the recording to get a sample of that noise. Also, don't expect to be able to remove ALL the noise - but you can make a huge difference in it.

    Also consider that you might not want to use the same noise profile for an entire side of a disk, as the noise can change as the stylus progresses across the surface of the record. I generall do click and pop removal first - then noise reduction.
  3. walpoo

    walpoo Guest

    Hello Karl, Thanks for offering help. I have visited your web site, and it looks like you are fairly busy, so I won't use up too much of your time.
    I should probably email you a WAV file of a small section of the troublesome track. Basically I record the track as stereo 44100 16 bit in Adobe Audition. At this stage I haven't used click fix.
    I cut & copy a section of the lead in noise (no audio at all) and capture the profile. I then apply the noise reduction at 100% on silent section, then go down to say 10% Noise reduction level and clean up the quiet section. Since your reply I have knocked this figure down to around 2%, and do several passes, which seems better.
    Seeing as though the problem piece is only about 30 seconds long, I think I will settle for the "best I can get" and leave it at that.
    Again thanks for your help offered so readily, and good luck in all your endeavours. Take care Wayne (aka Walpoo)

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