Recorded in the Mainz Dom Sunday(Philharmonie Der Nationen)

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    Apologies to the GS folks(Ben, David, etc) who have seen this already.

    Waiting to get a flight out of Germany to NYC has been excruciating(Ive been trying for the past week and a half...have a business trip there), but at least one good thing came out of it..
    Got a call on Saturday morning from Prof. Justus Franz(One of if not the top conductor in Germany, and a brilliant pianist as well)having no idea why he called me(and thinking it was maybe for a singing gig for wife or myself) I was both overjoyed and frightened that he wanted me to record hisPhilharmonie Der Nationen's debut of Bruckner's Symphony No.6Mr. Franz normally works with My friend Jakob Handel(who just got nominated for a Grammy last year and is a brilliant classical recording engineer), but Jakob is in Beijing recording the Beijing Symphony Orchestra. Some time ago Jakob mentioned my name to Herr Franz as someone to contact in his absence, because he trusts me and likes my work.. are some pics from the concert. This is huge for me, as many of the major studios are begging to work with Prof. Franz, and his reputation is legendary. Good resume builder!

    Jakob Normally uses 4 omnis on this group, so I kept it minimal as well. I dont like micing everything, am much more fond of main pairs with supporting mics as needed. Thankfully Mr. Franz let me do my thing.

    SETUP::: Main Array was Jecklin Disc with DPA 4006 omnis. flanking orchestra left and right I had gefell MK250s. behind the Jecklin setup I had a Blumlein Array*AKG 426B*as a/safety net....the hall has a 4 second reverb decay so I had to get fairly close to avoid being washed out!*note*..this was not the final placement, I was farther back a bit during the show. Mics were MUCH higher also..
    EDIT:...the spot mics were also farther in, and much higher than shown in the pictures...










    the mics were also much higher during the concert, but I wanted to get some pictures in before the TV crews did their interviewing...I adjusted after the jackals left..

    (I hate TV Cameramen and Photographers!)



    OSS was my main array..DPA 4006. This Disc in the photo is one of the original models released in the 80s. Scored it on ebay. the foam was rotting so my wife covered it in felt for me. Love that gal!

    Schoeps collette(mk4) was used for guest speakers..

    schoeps collete with stand..

    view from my seat







    Das Maestro

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    Re: Recorded in the Mainz Dom Sunday(Philharmonie Der Nation

    Sorry to nit pick Teddy, but would not "Der Kapelmeister" be more appropriate?

    I have a story or two about German Conductors that after having been called "Maestro" turns sour... But thats perhaps another forum, interesting pictures! The Bruckner 6'th is a big task to record during which I have had the misfortune to fall alseep (recording a concert that was.. :oops: )

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    Re: Recorded in the Mainz Dom Sunday(Philharmonie Der Nation

    Its ok, I havent lived in Germany for the past 5 years or anything. :shock:
    :lol: :-? :lol: (j/k)!

    Appropriate in what setting??I think "appropriate" depends on who you are talking to.Addressing him directly??In that case, his ACTUAL title is Chefdirigent or simply Professor,..(I call him Mr. :cool: ).

    I dont really get involved in formalities unless I am told to. In this case I was just in a hurry to post the pictures, didnt really care about being proper, to be honest.

    As for the recording....Never a dull moment. That group is superb. I couldnt have fallen asleep even if I had wanted to. It was one of those few nights when a performance actually grabbed me by the collar and held on to me for the duration. Outside of singing and recording this sort of material, I dont listen to it, (weird a classic country guy myself) and normally get bored really easy(not with recording, but listening) but this one..WOOOOW!
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    Jan 13, 2005
    Re: Recorded in the Mainz Dom Sunday(Philharmonie Der Nation

    What a fantastic opportunity! Great photos. How did it turn out?
  5. Simmosonic

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    Jan 13, 2005
    Re: Recorded in the Mainz Dom Sunday(Philharmonie Der Nation

    Me too, with a vengeance; they are invariably rude and arrogant and have a superior attitude. I've had quite a few run-ins with them in the past, usually due to taking signal splits and earth loops and so on...

    These days I have some immunity. I've got a pair of Lundahl line level trannies in a small box, and if they ask for a signal split I set that up. I tell them it's a +4dBu balanced, fully floating and isolated split (which it is), and then I give them an alignment tone (-18dB FS 1kHz from the Nagra V) and tell them that's my nominal recording level. That is hopefully the beginning and end of my problems with them.

    But there is a new generation of these guys using Handicams and similar. One stood there with a distraught look on his face, holding his Handicam in one hand and my pair of isolated floating XLRs in the other, and then proceeded to call me 'unprofessional' in front of the artists and program producer because I couldn't provide him with a stereo split on an unbalanced 1/8th inch stereo minijack connector.

  6. TeddyBullard

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    Re: Recorded in the Mainz Dom Sunday(Philharmonie Der Nation

    Turned out very nice, from what I can hear initially.Kaia( Daughter) has been going through a growth spurt this week(2 months old) and has been whimpering nonstop, so ive had to be full time Daddy while Mommy is at school. I will do all the editing this weekend. I am very glad I got as close as I did,,otherwise, I wouldve been washed away in verb...

  7. TeddyBullard

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    Re: Recorded in the Mainz Dom Sunday(Philharmonie Der Nation

    what kills me is that there was the ENTIRE CHURCH full of prime real estate for those jackals to get their photos, but yet, they ALL had to flock to my 4 by 4 space that barely contained me and my gig rack to work!!! every two The concert sponsor came in and got all the cameramen out of my space..Bless him!
    Mr. Franz was very much set on getting this recorded, so people were really anxious to accomodate his wishes..luckily his wants were right in line with mine...and Photogs didnt fit in that snarky punk dropped his metal tripod on purpose as he walked away..and grinned in the process...:evil: :evil: Before he was shooed away I was shooting him mean looks because he was right in front of my DPAs click click..up on the conductors platform..boy I was irritated!

    :evil: :evil:
  8. Simmosonic

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    Jan 13, 2005
    Re: Recorded in the Mainz Dom Sunday(Philharmonie Der Nation

    Snarky, indeed!
  9. Boswell

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    Looks really good, Teddy. Bruckner 6 is one of the great romantic symphonies.

    What did you use for preamps and what were you recording on to?
  10. TeddyBullard

    TeddyBullard Guest

    Recording medium was Lynx AES 16>>laptop running sequoia, backup was alesis hd24xr. Wanted to use my tascam DV-RA1000, but it blew up the day before. :-?
    well, 4 channels of DAV , 2 channels of Millennia HV-3B, and 2 channels of the new lachapelle model 992.(very nice piece, the pendulum mdp with more character) Brochure.PDF#search="lachapell model 992"
  11. DavidSpearritt

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    Teddy, did you use your Mytek converters. How are you using the AES16 with a laptop, through a PCI expansion box? What a project, must have been fun and nerve racking at the same time. Film crews make the stress levels that much higher, its a shame. I have yet to find any video people who understand concert sound fully.
  12. TeddyBullard

    TeddyBullard Guest

    Hey David! Yes, I use a Magma expansion unit. Myteks as well. I had hoped to do a blumlein capture into my tascam dv-ra1000 DSD machine in addition , too bad I toasted it..(btw, dont buy a tascam dv-ra1000 if you live in Europe!) The film crews and photog jackals were really chewing on my nerves with the incessant clicking and constantly stepping over me to get in position, so I was so glad to get them out of my sight. Other than those photog jackals, the day was very enjoyable! Nothing beats hearing a world class group in an amazing acoustic! I may, in the future, move to Digital Audio Denmark Converters because of the modularity feature. Still very affordable taboot.


  13. 0VU

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    Mar 2, 2005
    May I ask, why not?
  14. JimboJ

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    May 1, 2005

    Curious about your use of the Jecklin Disk as opposed to, say, spaced omnis. I have a pair of the DPA 4006's and most of the parts for a DIY Jecklin Disk. Should I get my act together and finish the disk? I work in a lot of churces with questionable acoustics and endless decay.

    Thanks for the great photos and hope you can post a sample.

    -- James
  15. TeddyBullard

    TeddyBullard Guest

    because it appears not to cope with the current spec over here very well...

    mine blew up even though rated for 240, and a colleague had one blow up on him too...same deal. both happened as soon as the units were plugged in.

    brand new too, btw.

    maybe it is a German thing.
  16. TeddyBullard

    TeddyBullard Guest

    I find jecklin superior to spaced omnis in most cases. Jecklin has all the benefits of spaced arrays, but has a bit more focus, especially in the low frequencies. Imaging..superb, realism...superb..low maintenance..just set it up, raise or lower for proper balance...and forget it!

    I also love blumlein for similar reasons.

    I do like the 3 spaced omnis thing on very large ensembles, but for smaller ones...jecklin every time.

  17. Thomas W. Bethel

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    Sounds like a very nice project to be involved with.

    I have done my share of haggling with photographers and video people and we too carry some balancing transformers and we also carry a 75 foot spool of stereo pair XLR cable so we can give them a feed. (seems like they always show up late without the necessary cable and they are always asking for adapters to stereo mini plug since they are using consumer cameras so we carry that as well. And of course the level is never what they need. It is always too high or too low.

    One time we were doing a choral recording in a church and the videographer asked us to move our microphone rig off center so he could get a shot of the conductors back from the balcony. Another time the videographer asked that our microphones all be lowered to six feet so they would not "interfere" with his video taping of a concert. We also have problems with still photographers and in one case after setting up we had to take down all of our microphones for the still photographer who was late and needed to take a picture of the assembled group from the hall. He spent so much time arranging and rearranging the group on stage that the audience started coming in before he could finish up. We had to scramble to get our microphones up before the concert started.

    We also got into some hassles with who owns the rights to the audio we give the videographers. In one case the videographer did not give us credit for the audio feed and put in the video "audio and video recording provided by **************" which was simply not the case so the next time he wanted a feed we told him that he had two choices. No feed or give us credits in the video for the audio feed. He gave us the credits.

    Hope you can post some of the Bruckner on the web at some point....
  18. Sonarerec

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    Curious if the fan still sounds like a small APU? I tried one several years ago and sent it back after hearing it.

  19. TeddyBullard

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    Thank goodness they didnt ask me for any feeds(I wouldnt have helped them anyway)...but they were just getting in my way, bumping into stands....
    I was fit to be tied.


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