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Discussion in 'Digital Recorders' started by LazyEyedPea, Dec 1, 2008.

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    I'm looking at stationary recorders for under $1200.

    The sick li'l studio which is looking to make this purchase already has a mixing board and a bunch of mics.

    I don't have a laptop to bring in, so I need for them to have a recorder.

    My plan is to use this studio mainly for vocal recording, I'll be playing the music on headphones or speakers... it'll be on speakers because i don't like singing with headphones on.

    Now the manager of the studio (this is the student-run radio station at the college I go to) thinks we ought to go with a recorder that has a built in CD burner "for the old people" who want to walk out with a playable copy of their recording in hand, but it's not very important compared to sound quality.

    I've been looking at:

    the Alesis Masterlink 9600,

    the Tascam HR-R1 or SS-R1 (until I read Remy's suggestion that Tascam sounded like poo),

    the Marantz PMD 570,

    and others.

    ...any suggestions? A flash recorder will be better than a hard disk recorder, right?

    Thank you so kindly.
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    More needed on what you are trying to achieve.

    By "stationary recorder", do you mean solid-state?

    From the examples you cite, I assume you only need two tracks (stereo), but you don't say this.

    Can you accept recording in a compressed format (MP3 etc), or do you need uncompressed files?

    Do you need to archive the recordings, or can you wipe them once they are burnt to CD?

    Is the sound source available in analog or digital (or either?)

    How are you going to set the levels if it's an analog feed, or can you assume the radio station engineers will be limiting anyway?

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