Recording a felted aust foster grand (Nils Frahm, Olafur Arnalds..)

Discussion in 'Acoustic Keyboards' started by Sarah Vacher-Coponat, Sep 12, 2020.

  1. Sarah Vacher-Coponat

    Sarah Vacher-Coponat Active Member

    Sep 12, 2020
    Hello everyone !

    I have a felted grand piano that I am trying to record in a similar style to Olafur Arnalds's "Saman". I am using a set of Coles 4038 as well as Rhodes NT5, with an audient id44. (I also have on Blue Kiwi I could use).

    I have played around with mic positions based around the picture we can see in this article.

    I have attached an mp3 "Mic Test" that reads: NT5, then Coles, then (a terrible) mix then reference.

    As you can hear, I am not quite there just yet. I am not sure wether my issue is coming from the piano, the mic placement or the processing. The action is less notable in my recording, but when I move the Coles closer to the hammers then the sustain pedal's releasing noise becomes overwhelmingly loud.

    Is there any trick to recording this kind of prepared piano I am missing here ? Do you think This is a mix issue, a piano issue, a room issue, a mic placement issue... ?

    Any thoughts ?



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