Recording a Folksinger- guitar, harmonica, vox

Discussion in 'Vocals' started by TheJosh, Mar 5, 2006.

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    hey guys,

    i'm a folksinger and a songwriter and i'm trying to record my songs so i can get them out to people- i play guitar, mandolin, harmonica and kazoo as well as sing- i have a Boss BR-532 unit, and just recently got 2 MXL condesors, the 990 and 991, and an audio buddy pre-amp (previously i was using a cheap AKG live dynamic vocal mic)

    i've been just setting up the mics and pickin' but i think though i'm just doing demo-y stuff i should be doing more- like working with effects or add instruments but i dunno

    any help/suggestions appreciated- im new here and navigating this site is a little confusing

    some of what i've been doing is at
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    no body??
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    I like the vocal sound you have on Brainwash, althought I'd go for a smaller reverb, or just run what you have a little drier. Deep River has to much flanger/phaser - it's distracting. Guitar EQ is too scooped on Deep River too.

    Guitar on Numbers is just ... bad sounding. I've never recorded Kazoo before, but that needs work too. You just need to experiment to get more buzz and less direct sound. I suspect you were just too close the mic for that.

    Of all of them, I'd say Brainwash is the best overall sound. Recording the guitar with two mics could give you a wider sound without resorting to effects - although careful choice of reverb can go a long way.

    Here is one of my very first recordings - this was recorded as a single, mono track from the mixer at a live show. Creative Labs Audigy sound card, and a couple of old SHURE dynamic mics. Compression, EQ, and REVERB was added using Cool Edit.

    There is so much variablilty in the tracks you posted - you need to work toward some consistancy - experiment with mic location - and take careful notes so you can repeat the setup next time. You might get someone to help you out - someone with good ears who can wear some good, CLOSED headphones and move the mic around while you play to find the sweet spot.
  4. TheJosh

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    thanks so much for responding- umm- anyreverb on talkin was accidental cuz i just sat in front of a microphone and picked for all these songs...what does drier? mean- im not trying to be like difficult, but i just dont know what that means

    on deep river i just messed around w/ that gi-tar for fun on the computer, but whatev

    my production skillz do suck ass- but im just trying to write good songs and pick old time tunes and get em out to folks...thabks for the input bro...

    i tried your link but it didnt work :cry:
    could you give it again?
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