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Discussion in 'Guitars' started by Static2003, Dec 18, 2008.

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    First i wanna say i know very little bout recording so be gentle with me...
    I recorded guitar with one condenser mic and i was rely happy with it but now i wanna record with 2 mics.
    I only have 2 small diagram condensers and mixer. I readed alot bout setting up mics but i have no idea what to do next... Especially cos i don't have any multitrack device so i can't record two channels separatly... So any sugestions would be nice...
    Like how to set up track volumes on mixer, does both mic should be set up at same volume(p.s i know volume isn't right word but my eng sucks), and how to pan it? I'm preaty shure i must pan it but how? Hard right-left?
    Since it will be 2 mic signals in one stereo track should i eq while recording?
    Basicly any sugestions for recording with limited equipment are welcomed. (Especialy this panning "thing")

    P.S. im very sorry cos of my eng. I tryed...
  2. Greener

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    Two small diaphragm condenser. :p
    You need to keep messing around, trying different mic positions and different levels and panning. Experiment. Try one mic on the hole and one on the 12fth fret? I duno, then mess with the panning, then shift the mics. A good acoustic git stand will help a lot, one that holds the guitar in a playable position yet keeps it perfectly still in relation to the mics.
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    On the mixer pan one microphone hard left, and the other hard right. Then record that as a stereo track on your recording device. This will give you the most flexibility to work with. For acoustic guitar I have never EQ'd during tracking except for a HP filter. With microphone position you should be able to get a good tone. An XY pair above the end of the fret board with one pointing at the sound hole, and one pointing at the 12th fret works nice for most types of playing. Because the XY is a coincident pair, there are no phasing issues. Another pair I used recently was one 2 inches above the bridge pointing at the sound hole, and the other 1 foot away from the guitar at the 12th fret. That gave a very wide and big sound. Double tracking made it thick and the pan not frequency skewed. I tracked once with the bridge left, and the 12th fret right, then again with the bridge right, and the 12th fret left.

    To stay the same distance from the microphones I sit down when I record.
  4. Static2003

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    Thank u... Ill use XY cos of phasing issues and on some audioi samples i liked sound from it the most... So basicly all i need to do is pan hard...

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