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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by axwack, Feb 9, 2005.

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    I want to record my acoustic guitar with a 4 bar lick. I have Protools with MBOX. The thing is I want to use the recorded sample as a loop but how do I make the sound so it doesn't just chop off after i stop playing? I want to make the last bar hit on the same beat?

    Do I have to edit the sample or is there something that I have to do in my recording and then post production that I have to do?
  2. one of the big reasons i stopped using pro tools (LE anyway) was because there is no beat detective.

    If you want to make a loop you first have to determin what tempo you are playing at and set your project to that. then all you have to do is place your loops.

    Absolute easiest thing to use is acid to beatmap it and round off the tempo number. then bring it into your DAW.
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    I think you'll get some better responses to your question over here... The Acoustic Music Forum is geared more towards folks that record ensembles...

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    You can beat detect with ProTools LE, (Under the Edit Menu, its called "Identify Beat"), then set the tempo up with a click track. From there, use general ProTools editing and make it sound natural. There is no set rule, you have to feel it.

    There are plenty of tools to accomplish this in ProTools LE.
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