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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by ArchEnnui, Mar 19, 2010.

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    My band is planning on recording soon (sunny day, far, jimmy eat world style) and we were checking out our local studio and they have this video on their site of all this great looking stuff, but it's a bit vague and I was hoping someone could tell me a little more about some of this stuff?

    Plug-in: The Home Recording Show (Show)

    Is it worth it? Or should we go all pro-tools?

    Thank you in advance!
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    Sep 26, 2005
    LOL, slappin' my knee. That stuff vague? He was talking about the real Pro Tools. Like the ones us old-timers use. "Pro tools", is an integrated software & hardware-based system that can provide one with a whole recording studio worth of flexibility, after numerous grueling hours of study, practice, and even their certified certification to become professionally proficient in any production aspect. Great for manufacturing fake made to order genuine imitation music. Whereas old-timers usually rely upon our great equipment, years of experience impeccable technique to nail down an electronic representation of somebody's personal meaning of art that someone might want to listen to. And, enjoy. I don't have to have the best equipment to make a great recording but I do. I haven't always, but I did. Some of us are old-school some folks are right out of school. It really doesn't matter once you have your technique backed up with experience. I'll report on anything. I'll mix on anything. I'll record just about anything. That was a great video and mine would be 99.44 100% similar. Some of us have much more hearing acuity than others. Some demand the very best. Others know when to say that's good enough. What is good enough? What's your bottom line? How much can you afford that it's better than good enough?

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    Is what worth it? If you don't know about recording why do you pick ProTools out of the hat? PT is just a computer program. It is not a list of gear. Need more elaboration and an actual question here including some backstory on how many instruments, how many vocals, etc.

    : typed too slow. Good to see you back around Remy!
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    Thanks John. I finally got wireless broadband since I have been in the truck a lot lately. Even though my computer is capable of everything WiFi, I really wasn't one for hanging out at coffee shops, bars, McDonald's all at lunch and/or dinner to try and deal with the e-mail at the end of the day when I can. So now I have moved into the 21st century not only digital cellular voice communications but digital cellular high-speed data link. Now I can stream live recording programs at a horribly low, almost not worth watching or listening to bit rate? But just think of it? What's next?

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    you must be young musicians
    i would KILL to have that collection

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