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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by madshark, Feb 2, 2009.

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    i really hope this is in the right section if not my apologies.

    I have one issue and one question if either one is solved or answered it is more than enough.

    1. Is there a software that i can put an auditrack and record a video with sound over it ? basically im trying to play a song and record a drumming video of myself over it ..

    2. Since dell doesnt make stereo mix drivers ive been trying to get virtual audio cable working...

    I opened an instance of audio repeater and selected its input as my mic and output as the microsoft sound mapper... i can hear my self through my speakers now no issues...

    i open another instance of audio repeater and set its input as sound mapper and output as VAC line 1 .... technically from what i understood now line two should record any sound that comes out of my speakers correct ?? (or did i get something backwards ? )

    any way i fire up audactiy set the input as Vac 1 play an audio track and try to record but only the mic gets recorded no audio from the track.

    now im utterly confused and flustered as i have been trying to set this up for two weeks ... some people on other forums suggested i buy a mixer but if i had that kind of money lying around i woudnt be posting on forums..

    i hope some one here could finally help me find a working solution...

    (p.s i know i could just put a file into audacity and record over it but remember my goal is to record video.. if i get VAC working i can just set the sound to record from a VAC Line and the video from my cam in my video editing software and all good...Thanks much
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    Sep 26, 2005
    Madfish, have you thought about smoking? I like smoked fish.

    What you really need here is some actual integrated audio/video software such as Sony's Vegas. This is a very powerful multi-track audio & multitrack video production system in a single piece of software. Your methods are extremely convoluted and causing you much lost time. If everything was as easy as you would like, we wouldn't have any need for any other software. But it doesn't. It's a fact of life that not all software is intended for any other purpose than described in their help files. Look into Vegas. It's a good gamble.

    I won!
    Ms. Remy Ann David

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