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Discussion in 'Drums' started by redskyatnight, Jan 19, 2005.

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  1. ok so I have a m-audio delta-44 breakout box and Im looking to record drums. Im confused about how to do this, the impression I get is that you have a mic on each peice of the kit and edit the tracks once they are at your comp. like if you cant hear the high-hat on the recording your bring that up a bit, but anyways my question is how do I use 7 or 8 mics to do one recording? do I need one of those patch bay thingys? I know I will need drum mics so any suggestions on those? Im just starting out so thank you for bearing with me.
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    First of all, for every microphone, you'll need a channel of preamp and a channel of A/D conversion on your breakout box (not sure, does your Delta have 4 channels?).

    Also, I would strongly caution you not to try a gazillion mics (7 or 8 is very tricky). It's a lot easier to use 3 or 4 . There are fewer problems troubleshooting. Do a search on "recorderman" and "drums" and you'll find a really cool way to record great sounding drums with 3 mics.

    BTW, it also helps to have nice microphones, nice preamps and mostly importantly, a good drummer playing nice drums, tuned nicely and played in a nice sounding space.

    Good Luck.
  3. thank you I will work on getting the suggested things
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