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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Brne, Apr 11, 2009.

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    can anyone give me any tips on how to mix recorded drums so that every thing sound ok?! Im a newbie at the whole home recording and I'm using the ezzdrummer, its ok but sometimes the ride cymbal is to low and the crash cymbals are to lound, but if I lower the crashes I lower the ride as well because of the overhead stuff which include the ride and the chrashes...! anyway if anybody has some usefull tips about the drumm recordings in nuendo I would be very gratefull to that noble person!!! :D :cool:
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    Welcome to the RO, Brne!

    It's pretty easy to do that, you just have to RTFM of Nuendo and EZD.... and a bit of imagination.

    You can copy the MIDI drum track and open new instance of EZ, load the EZ drum map on both channels, open MIDI track editor (drum mode) and you will see the „M“ column – that's for muting each element. So think about for a minute what can you do with two midi track, mute column and two EZD mixers.

    I prefer different way. Every midi clock has some drift and swing error, so I export each midi track to audio when I'm done with programming, editing, quantization, etc. I'm using only one instance of EZD and mute column. A lot of possibilities here:

    Snare t
    Snare b
    Snare over!!!
    T1, T2, T3
    Toms over!!!
    Toms room!!
    „Wood Room“
    Cymbal (over) (room)
    Hihat (hihat) (over) (room)

    ... think, do the math, play the game

    Much more combinations than you really need or have in real drum recording.... but... :wink:
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    I second that. Once I have the basic midi established, I'll export the midi tracks to audio, get it on the audio grid and from there, copy/ paste any audio like loops, fills and so on. If I need more new midi, I do it again.

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