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Discussion in 'Guitars' started by TaylorLucas, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. TaylorLucas

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    Jan 8, 2009
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    I've recorded acoustic guitar several times, I usually use a single condenser, or two pencil condensers x/y'd. But this time I'm trying to record a tune without a pick, I'm sorta just getting tone and squeeks from the fingers. if any of you guys have experience with recording soft mellow fingerpicking acoustic please share.

    I'm aiming towards a sound like this:
  2. anchorage42

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    I've had good luck lately with a technique thats new (to me).
    I use two cardiod condensers, one between the 12th fret and where the neck meets the body and the other one at the bridge/where the bridge meets the body and panning those L and R (but how the listener would hear them).
    That being said, it might not be a technique that'll work, depending on what else is going to be on the track.

    What else are you going to put on the track?
    Nothing? Vocals? A slew of other instruments?
  3. jg49

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    Oct 16, 2008
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    The dual pencil mic set up, 12th fret and bridge, might only bring out more of the finger noise from the fretboard, if you are playing softly a single large diaphragm condenser out in front of the sound hole 12" or more might be your best bet. With a flat pick style I wouldn't recommend this as it seems to bring out bass a "booming" type of sound but with a very gentle attack you might find it works well. If you are still getting too much low end you might try moving it off axis towards the bridge in small increments. Micing this way will bring the room into play more so you might have to experiment with the guitarist's seating position.

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