Recording guitar direct! what do you use?

Discussion in 'Guitars' started by mcmilliron, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. mcmilliron

    mcmilliron Guest

    I've been getting ok results recording my guitar direct to my DAW but would like to see if anyone has any suggestions or tips to give it some "air" or "room space". in other words it sounds very dry and in your face.

    here is my setup.

    guitar/ effects pedals(eq/distortion/chorus/delay)/ tube preamp/ ADA Microcab(cabinet simulator)/ Emu 1212m(sound card).

    I've been trying to use a mic'd cabinet impulse in my convolution reverb plugin to give it some life. it does help a little but I'm not completely convinced it sounds like a mic'd cabinet. I'm having some tone issues as well but I think its because my preamp sucks.

    any suggestions would be great.

  2. BladeSG

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    Native Instruments Guitar Rig. You can download a demo too....

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