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    Me and my brother were recording some music last night on sonar, he is an acoustic alternative musician and i am a hip hop artist so the way we record our vocals/instruments differ. For some reason when he would use his guitar to record it would cut off when recording and were forced to loop it. Also we're now having problems with choppy feed back. I asked yahoo answers and there was no dead answer. It took me to another forum and they said it depended what frequencies the mixer and program were on. i have an alesis multi mix 4 USB mixer. Any small helpful feedback would be appreciated, thanks.
  2. If it's a software issue I would try the cakewalk forum.
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    I'm not familiar with Sonar, but from what you've said it sounds like two possible things:

    1) Cutting off - do you only have one small region selected prior to pushing record? The software may be set up to either pause or repeat at the end of the selected timeframe - i.e. between the start and end points.

    2) Choppy Feedback - (weird) Simple choppiness (stuttering) is usually related to incorrect buffer settings or HD Access Speed. Maybe you have a bad device driver, or perhaps the converter is looping through itself via a software setting? The word 'feedback' throws me on this issue. Definitely try Sonar's tech support on that one.

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