recording in realtime, with headphones.

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by Jay-ri, May 29, 2009.

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    okay so I have my inputs and outputs as FCA202 on my mac audio settings, and my garage band audio settings. I open up garage band and I add new track as a real instrument, because I will be recording with my micrphone. Then I add another track with the music instrumental I want. When I do a realtime recording, and i listen with my headphones, I can hear myself along with the music while recording. When I am done recording, and i play it back I hear my vocals and instrumentals recorded on one track. So if i put the other track that has the instrumental on mute, and I just play what I recorded I can still hear the instrumental casue it has been recorded with my vocals. How am i suppose to just get the vocals recorded, but still have the instrumental playing in realtime while I record my voice? cuz I wanna hear myself with the music on my headphones, while recording in realtime, but I don't want the instrumentals recorded with my voice while I do a real time recording.
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    Putting this same question in a new forum is not the answer. That just clutters the forums.
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    I left another response on the other thread. I think this is a physical signal path problem.
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    While I am certainly no recording genius. In fact far far from it, I would suggest the newbies forum is tha place for a question like this.

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