recording interface for soundbooth (what do I need?)

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    greetings all,

    I'm in the market for a computer-based hardware interface to record vocalists with a variety of microphones including condensator mics.

    I want the vocalists to lay down lyrics to pre-produced tracks, recording using a pc-based sequencer (e.g. cooledit).

    I will build a soundproof booth for the vocalists and arrange the recording i a control-room.

    The scope of the recordings is independent releases on vinyl.

    Question is: What type of interface will I need to do this?
    what are others using?

    Things I'd like:
    record multiple tracks simultaneously
    talckback to artist
    outboard mixer-console for ease of mastering final product (not decisive)
    one single unit (reducing cabling, though not decisive)
    good sound quality
    1K$ price range

    Initially I was excited to learn about Mackie Onyx 1220 with the firewire interface and talkback function - but is this mixer suitable?

    Are there existing better performing (sound-quality-wise) products for the buck for my purpose? (price-range matching the onyx)

    E.g I'd like if it was possible to use the Onyx' faders and knobs as a midi-interface for ease of mastering. Since it isn't and since the eq's are bypassed when recording, it's just waste of resources.

    Hope you can help and suggest a product that will introduce the most functionality and sound quality for my purpose and budget.
  2. dbmnk

    dbmnk Guest

    well, I guess I'll go with a rme fireface400, as it's softmixer presumably features talkback function - how thats ever is supposed to work.

    then I can obtain a cheap usb-controller-interface for eq-ing etc.

    mackie produces something quite similar to the the fireface400, called onyx 400F - which of these do you recon will give me the best vocal recordings?

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