recording is freaking me out help!!!

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by raiphord, Feb 24, 2005.

  1. raiphord

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    hey all whats up, its me again raiphord
    i took some advice from someone in here but i dont remember who.
    anyway i got every thing hooked up. my mixer and all is running through my input on my computer. the mixer is setup with the microphones and all running through it. i have the program cakewalk sonar. if i hook my pc mic through the mic port on the computer i get sound i can record myself talk and all. i have my mixer and all running through the imput. i dont get any sound. i can hear nothing. but if i plug my mixer through the mic port i get sound i can record. but it records so loud when i play it back it is distorted. so can someone show me what i am doing wrong. i need to get sound through the imput to record

  2. trixie

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    so, let's try and get this right.....

    when you plug the mic into your mic input, do you hear anything?

    what about your mixer in the mic input? is this when the playback's distorted?

    are you using the line input for anything?

    just want to get all these inputs clear.....
  3. raiphord

    raiphord Guest

    hey trixi hows it going.

    yes when i have the mic plugged in to the mic input on the back of the pc i do hear sound i can record me talking into the mic and playback is great. if i hook my mixer and all through the mic input on the back of the pc i get sound and i can record sound. but it is distorted, i think i have the volume up to high on the mixer. but if i plug the mixer or mic through the input on the back of the pc i get nothing.

    hit me back with some info

    and again thanks a whole lot.

  4. Sanity Inn

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    I'll take a shot here

    i think you said your plugging the OUT of your mixer to the IN of soundcard on PC, but you keep saying MIC INPUT,,

    you should have a LINE IN on your card and use this,,

    if you did mean line in, then I would suggest you need to set recording level in your software when recording,,

    look for a ' monitor" record setting so you can set the incoming level ...

    hope this helps some

    Sanity Inn
  5. schizojames

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    Feb 15, 2005
    Home Page:
    I'm not a Sonar user, but with Cubase you have to activate the channels that you wish to record on. If there is no dialogue to do this, try changing your actual sound settings in windows. Double click on the little speaker icon to go to the system mixer. Then go to OPTIONS, then PROPERTIES. Click to change from playback to recording, and make sure all available inputs are selected. Then hit OK and select the line in and make sure the volume is at least 75%, if not full. If this does not help, don't overdrive your mic input anymore, just get a better interface. Hope this helps.

    InnerSpace Studio
  6. raiphord

    raiphord Guest

    thanks for the info, hey cubase sounds like a good idea ya know just to check it out. how much does the program run.
    but anyway, the input on the sound card is a blue jack. if i run anything through there i get no sound.
  7. Sanity Inn

    Sanity Inn Guest

    no sound ?
    check your window based mixer, make sure LINE IN is turned up,

    the distortion you get is from trying to drive a mic input from a line out source,,

    well me best guess anyway

    hope you reolve this

  8. jakep

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    Hi I use sonar. What kind of sound card are you using? and does it have somekind of routing software?
  9. mjatas

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