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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by bluesman5252, Sep 14, 2008.

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    there are some things we as musical artist need to remember keep it simple when you can. remember most of the greateast tracks recorded were done especially 70s one 4 tracks and a razer blade,you can only put so much stuff before things start to clutter the mix ya!! ya!! i hear the screams out there saying but i have P T le and thers 32 or 48 tracks and im sure glad we have all this stuff ,BUT we some times clutter a good song to death. killing our dynamics and the impact of certain sounds .
    i recently listen to buzhaze on this site the song WORDS
    THIS SONG IS SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE IN THIS STYLE NOT TO BUSY TO DISTRACT YOU FROM THE SONG ITSELF . maybe i can learn something this myself . the main point is we learn from our mistakes if we are willing to use it . and talent cain,t be bought toys help s some people are good writers, some good mixers ,players, singers, BUT NOBODY IS EVERTHING
    we are all weak in some areas thats why we come to this site to sharpen our skills,or to learn tricks find out do,sand don,ts just my thoughts
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    Some reasonable ideas there.
    Somewhat sloppy in the delivery. :)

    I hope your music is as raw as this, it's bound to be cool. Then again you never know.

    Got sample? Post another rant in the mix and critique forum and include you idea of what music should be. Could be a damn good discussion.
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    Jun 9, 2008
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    We also need to learn to punctuate properly, in order that our advice can be understood. :)
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    What does this mean?
  5. Bisson820

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    i can show you someone who is good at everything

    the first album he played/recorded/composed/wrote/sang everything.


    and so much more

    try recording all of that on a 4 track....
  6. Greener

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    I read it aloud to help out.
  7. Codemonkey

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    Dec 11, 2007
    Scotland, UK
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    I like your idea of reading the post and recording.

    Perhaps out of fairness bluesman5252 would like to do that for us. I think much of the post content is being lost due to text/typing limitations.

    Running it through a jive translator helps a little:

  9. Wonder why there are more than four extra channels in the pro studio? Guess they just over do it, huh?

    Don't matter how many channels you use, record it right, mix it right, finish it up right, it'll sound right.
  10. Space

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    Jun 26, 2007
    Ya'll wouldn't skin a brother up would ya?
  11. Greener

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    Meh, where I'm from parody is a compliment.
  12. bluesman5252

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    recording/keeping it simple

    All I was saying is ocasionaly people get to caught up in how many tracks ,and what kinds of sounds is on songs. If a song is a strong or
    should I say catchy when played with one instrument if it gets to with emotion ,fear, pain and sticks in your brain and you can not stop playing it.Then why clutter a song up with to many sounds . I luv pro tools
    with all the tools but a good song will hold its on . with just the most basic tracks needed . Im sorry if i offended anyone everyone is hunting something sometimes simplisity is the answer .most songs come from one idea with a old flat top in someones bedroom or back porch or on a old wore out piano.
    I like the jive translater that could work for the next president !!!!!

    oh i forgot they already have one you could get rich selling them to !!!
    HA!!!! IM
  13. GeckoMusic

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    I meant no disrespect to anyone with my post. It was intended to be funny. Jive like the first post both require careful reading to pull the information out. I apologize if I have given any one the wrong impression or offended anyone.
  14. Greener

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    Gecko, it was funny :p

    Bluesman, I know what you're talking about. Let the music and the instruments speak, not the PT.

  15. hackenslash

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    Jun 9, 2008
    People's Republic Of Mancunia
    I thought it was hilarious, Gecko. Nothing to apologise for, from where I'm sitting.

    @ Bluesman - fo' schizzle! :lol:
  16. GeckoMusic

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    Thanks. As everyone knows, with text based communication the intentions are often lost. I figured better safe than sorry.
  17. Space

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    Jun 26, 2007
    Here in the Southern part of the States, sometimes you can have so much evening activity, that you may at some point succumb to gravity. The tail tale signs of this are the abrasions on elbows, knees and on at least one occasion the face :)

    At this time it is proper etiquette to laugh yer ass off and make as much fun as possible of the yahoo laying on the ground knowing that it could have just as easily been you :)

    While getting skint' up never seems funny to the skinnee, watching it happen sure is!

    Like hack said, no apology required but thanks for doing it ;)
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    Sometimes the cake is a danish with a single candle.....othertimes its four layers with enough flame to set off the fire systems...............

    Its all about what you want to hear.

    I agree that the song has to support itself without anything other than the writers original instrumentation.

    BUT.....sometimes that original instrumentation is 45 pieces of the orchestra.

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