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    I am curious of the typical mic setup in a 60's motown 3 or 4 track recording session, which to my knowledge were recorded live(ie the whole band played at once). I have heard that it was the bleed between mic's that helped to create the pleasest sound of these and other recordings(I have heard this applied to zep aswell). I have been experimenting with this technique, I attained good results by using one mono room mic and a 421 on the kick to record the musical elements, then later I did vocal overdubs. I guess I am getting bleed by using one mic and mixing in the room(moving the drums, guitar amps,turning up and down volume) In the motown days how many microphones were they using? and of what type(dynamic,ribbon,etc). If they were using individual mics on each insturment, I assume they were just summing them to one or two tracks of tape? and then if the engineer needed to adjust the levels he would use something like a pultec eq(another element of the sound)...

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    This is a good question for Bob Ohlsson who can be found here occasionally but mostly at gearslutz.He was an engineer there during those days.
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    He's on the chatroom there a lot too. Hellah cool guy.
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    He certainly is, I've managed to track him down on r.a.p
    look for 'motown mic placement'....

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