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Recording/ mix studio referal agent needed

Discussion in 'Music Business' started by Empire, Apr 30, 2020.

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  1. Empire

    Empire Active Member

    Apr 27, 2020
    We've been in business (www.audioempire.ca) as a recording/mix/mastering studio for the last 19 years. We had a cd duplication company for 6 years of that (though that went the way of cd).

    We operate in a house with 7 isolated rooms with video communication between rooms. We can record 32 mics at a time with 4 different headphone mixes. Being able to record live off the floor, with great mics, preamps, and the ability to record with analog eq and compression (over 18 channels of each) there isn't a recording application Audio Empire can't handle.

    The owner graduated from the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording (OIART) in 2001. Since then we've worked with over 100 artists getting TV placement, multiple grants and a few record deals as well as an ECMA for Jonathan Andrews Halifax Indie Rock.

    What we're looking for now is a referral agent for the mix and master portion of the studio. With the idea that location isn't a consideration with mixing and mastering, it's time to open the flood gates and step up our game.

    Offering 2 different mix services, either mixing hybrid (analog and digital) for a few bucks more, or totally digital making revisions easy at a slight discount, for any style of music or voice overs.

    The head mix engineer at AE has over 21 years of experience recording, mixing and mastering. Mixing goes fast, but totally depends on the material. A 16 track mix with stems will go a lot faster than 96 multi track session (though AE has vast experience of both). Usually the 1st draft of a mix can be complete in one day.

    The average mix costs between $150- $700, depending on needed editing, vocal tuning, track count and revisions.

    What we're offering is 15% gross finders fee for bringing work to us (depending on the work and agreed beforehand).

    Here is a link to some media ,some engineered, produced, mixed and mastered at Audio Empire, and some just mixed and mastered here. https://audiomack.com/artist/audio-empire

    If this interests you please get in contact and submit your resume and we can send you some current mixes.

    We will still be recording but hope to focus more on mixing....
  • AT5047

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