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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by fafnir, May 13, 2006.

  1. fafnir

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    I get a second-long buzz when I copy a clean cd. It is random and infrequent. Any ideas as to its source? It is a Tascam cd-rw4u recorder.
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    Sep 26, 2005
    My first question would be is this one of those units that has 2 CD units within one case? Could this be a " consumer" CD recorder/copier? You may be experiencing a unit that generally requires " audio CDs" as in special CDs that have an encrypted code on them that lets the copier know that you have paid your royalty fees to Michael Jackson! If you don't use the special CDs that have the special hidden royalty fees built-in, you may be experiencing anticopying technology in the buzz you are describing?

    If this is a professional CD copier, you should not experience any problems making copies from any CDs using any kind of general-purpose recordable data disks.

    If you are using your computer to copy the CD and then copy it back to your burner, or you are making a digital rip of the CD or is it an analog rip? You might be experiencing some kind of analog record problem? Either way, you should not be having that kind of problem copying a CD.

    Does Michael Jackson know you're making copies?
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  3. fafnir

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    It is a seven minute original synthesizer analog tape to cda. When I record
    it back to another cd I get a single second long buzz in a different place .
    The recorder software takes the data from the 32x cd-rom and sends it to the HD where it is taken to the Tascam. The tape is clean, the original burn is clean.I am thinking there is a power line or cd-rom problem.
    I heard the Nation of Islam owns the rights to Michael Jackson so I would never mess with them, would you?

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