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    Jul 11, 2011
    This one seemed not to get posted - hope its not still being moderated - apologies if so.
    Hi all

    I would like to record a bass singer, there will be a piano. I wanted to record live. I have only 1 microphone currently which is a Audio Tech 33a. I can buy 2 cheap condenser mics to complete the setup, these will all go into my little mixing desk which has 48v PP.

    I was planning to mount the 2 mics in some kind of XY at one end of the medium sized room where I am recording, then position a third mic in the centre. Pan the 2 stereo mics left and right and the 3rd mic centre.

    My question is:
    1. Do I buy large diaphragm mics for the stereo mic'ing? I was thinking of buying 2 Behringer B1s as they are cheap. Or would I be better with 2 general purpose point style mic's like the 33a that I have at the moment.
    2. Since video is being shot at the same time as the sound recording, what distance and position should I mount the mics from the singer & upright piano?
    3. Does the frequency really matter very much down as low as 20hz? I notice my 33a goes down to about 30hz, and the bass response is awesome.

    Many thanks
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