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Discussion in 'Vocals' started by m_scenic, Nov 19, 2009.

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    I dont know if it is to do with the zoom hd8 or the mic but when i try and record it makes a terrible howling sound - like the wind howling - then popping - my mic is a behringer b2pro - i have bought a new lead and that worked for a while but now it just does the same with that - im quite new to all this equiptment and any advice would be appreciated. thanks. o ye and also it decides to just cut out or go really quiet whenever it wants
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    Jul 21, 2006
    Sounds a little like an impedance mismatch or a grounding/shielding problem.
    If cables are 1/4" cables make sure that they are pushed in all the way.
    Sometimes, the cable seems to be in but it needs a little more push to completely connect.

    Short anecdote:
    Many times, I've given the direct box to a bass player with instruction to plug into the INPUT.
    Then when we go to get bass sounds, there is either no sound at all or just some hissing. Naturally the bass player is looking at me to figure out why there's no bass in his headphones. After tracking down my connections and not finding a problem, I walk out to the studio only to find that he only pushed his lead into the direct box only half way. (or he's plugged into the OUTPUT!)
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    Equipment...with no earth ground can lead you to this.. Consider also the room and its ventilation.
    Audible air from vent can be recorded in a sensitive microphone. Power conditioners is also available it might help you

    Lou-Riz Garcia

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