Recording Project: PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN!!!

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by MarcusBellon, Feb 9, 2005.

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  1. MarcusBellon

    MarcusBellon Guest

    Hi, my name is Marcus Bellon and I am a Senior at Central Linn High School in Halsey Oregon. I am doing a MAJOR project on Recording Arts and I have no IDEA what I'm doing. I am very passionate about music, I have played Piano for almost 7 years now and I LOVE to sing although I'm not very good at it . . . Anyway, I was wondering if there was someone out there who could tell me all they know about the following topics:

    *Studio Time/Prices
    etc. . .

    My final Project will be to write and record an origional CD.

    Also, it would be great if we could talk one on one if I have any questions about anything.. or if I need tips. It would be greatly appriciated for any help that you can give... website with information would be a okay too, I can't find any that would serve me a purpose. Thank you for your time.
  2. pmolsonmus

    pmolsonmus Well-Known Member

    Jun 23, 2003
    You can start by READING some books about the subject (I'm assuming you started this at the beginning of the semester and its due in May or June????) If this is such a MAJOR project, get your butt in gear - and don't expect someone to walk you through it via email or otherwise. For someone to "answer any question that I might have" is ridiculous. You're a senior in high school, not a grade schooler.
    If you are indeed "passionate" about music then be passionate enough to give this project the energy it deserves. (I can only assume You picked the project and had the teacher's blessing) so the buck stops at your door. Sorry - that's life.

    If you're looking for titles of books that will help you begin to ask intelligent questions then I suggest you look to the left of this post on the "Pro Audio Links" category for recommended books. Once you begin to learn the appropriate questions you can do a search on this site and get most of the basics answered. If you become stuck, there is a wealth of knowledge here that can get you through it.

    Sorry to be harsh, but as an educator I see this far too often.

    (If I'm not mistaken Audio Gaff would answer similarly) What do you say AG?
  3. LittleDogAudio

    LittleDogAudio Active Member

    Sep 24, 2004
    Nice spanking Phil!

    I totally agree with you. This so-called "student" symbolizes why the future is bleak.

    I'm going to go beat my children now.

  4. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Jul 2, 2002
    77 Sunset Lane.
    hey Marcus,
    I live in Springfield and I specialize in mentoring and teaching young folks about recording. I have trained a crud load of interns for several recording schools and taught one of those "Learn at a studio in your area" courses. I think I still have the teaching materials for the course.

    If you like, I would be happy to take you on as a student. If this sounds like something you're interested in I am sure we can work something out ...
  5. MarcusBellon

    MarcusBellon Guest

    For your information Phil I did NOT wait until the last minute to do this project. I've only been able to work on it since the beginning of this semester... which started at the beginning of THIS week. So don't assume that I haven't been working on it, bucko. And I don't care what you've "seen before" I'm not like everyone else so don't assume that I can just fall into something that you've "seen before." To me that is extremely insulting. I made this post to get help from other sources for a project, not to scramble it all together at the last moment and hope that someone would walk me through it. Now, if you feel the need to discuss this further then email me, don't talk about it on this topic, I'm looking for help on my project, not a preacher. Thanks.

    And Kurt, that would be AMAZING if you could do that. I already have a mentor, but if I could job shadow you for a day or two, that would be cool. It would only have to be for 4 hours long... I'll tell you more about it all later if you are willing. E-mail me back on hotmail (, to make it easier to talk. Now, just to make sure, that is Springfield, Oregon, right?
  6. artgug

    artgug Guest

    Unfortunately, MarcusBellon, you asked an extremely open ended question to be answered in a post on the net, that could be big enough to write several books on.

    Maybe if you narrowed your question down and were a bit more specific. The question you asked would be the equilvelant of going to a forum about construction, telling them you never built anything in your life, and asked them how to build a house.
  7. pmolsonmus

    pmolsonmus Well-Known Member

    Jun 23, 2003
    Sorry sport, I'm a high school teacher- full time, and have been for 15 years. If you indeed have other sources then you would know the ridiculousness of your post, especially if you already have a mentor. If you can't see that even after rereading what you wrote above- I wish Kurt all the luck in the world if he takes you on as a student.

    AKA "Bucko" [/url]
  8. MarcusBellon

    MarcusBellon Guest

    Regardless, Phil, I didn't post this to get a good talkin' to... I posted this to get help and if you can't do that, then please just don't bother posting. Nevertheless... This is what I want to do my project on and unfortunately; I have no clue on how to get started. I don't even know where to begin to look. I've looked online and I don't even know what to look for. I type in "Recording Arts" into google and get a list of websites and look around but I haven't found anything that has helped me yet... that is why I made this post. I just need resources. But, thank you for wasting my time... and sorry you wasted yours.
  9. artgug

    artgug Guest

    Ah, the wonders of technology.

    The problem here is very fundamental. Some recent low cost professional applications have been put in the hands of just about anyone with a computer (FCP, Pro Tools, Logic, etc.), and no one bothers to learn the basics or the theorys behind the actual art of using these tools.

    I'll bet good money everyone reading this post has some sort of word processor, but I'll bet even greater money that not one of you has published a novel. So why when Audio/Video programs have now become commonplace, does everyone now think they are going to be invited to the Academy Awards and the Grammy's.

    The trouble here Marcus, is not that you asked a question, its that you probably phrased it wrong. (technically, you probably posted in the wrong area also.)

    Nevertheless, instead of saying "I just bought Pro Tools, how do I record a CD?", say "I'm rather new to the recording industry, can someone point me in the right direction to resources that will help me understand the recording business, from the technical (recording, mixing, editing) end of things, right down to the business side. (Financing, producing, studio time.)?"

    If you had asked that, I'm sure many people can point out the correct websites, links to books, and other fabulous resources to help you get on your way.

    I just think from the level it sounds like your coming from, its a lot to ask to learn the recording arts in a matter of months while you work on a MAJOR school project, as you put it.

    Just remember, in the end, its all in the talent. I have yet to listen to a CD and say "Man, the music sucks, but that engineer really knew how to turn those preamp dials."

    It might not be your type of music, but listen to the lastest Metallica CD, St. Anger. It sounds like crap, like it was recorded in my bathroom, yet it was #1 when released for several weeks in a row. Its in the content. Learn the basics, and if your a good piano player, people will forgive the fact that your cd might not be recorded "correctly"

    Get a bit more specific, and lets see if we cant help you out a bit.
  10. MarcusBellon

    MarcusBellon Guest

    Sounds fair to me. I just started a recording arts class in school. If I have questions then I'll post them here.
  11. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Jul 2, 2002
    77 Sunset Lane.
    Marcus ..
    Yes it's Springfield OR ...

    The best way to go about it IMO is for you to put together a list of questions you have and we can either do this over the net or get together at my place and I can step you through them ... along with some "hands on training" on my gear.

    I only work on my own "in house" productions here ... there's not a lot of work in the Eugene area and the talent pool is pretty shallow for the most part.
  12. MarcusBellon

    MarcusBellon Guest

    Hmm, how can I contact you? You can reach me directly at .. I'll have to talk about this with my mentor.
  13. MarcusBellon

    MarcusBellon Guest

    Here is the basic outline of the project that I am doing.. I've put an * next to the stuff that I don't know anything about. If you could just point me in the right direction that would be great..

    1. Writing and Composing:
    a. Getting Ideas and inspiration.
    b. Computers and Music.
    c. Naming Songs.
    d. Plagiarism/Originality.
    2. Editing.*
    3. Putting on the Final Touches:
    a. Filters.
    b. Synthesizers.
    c. Compressing.*
    4. Final Copy:
    a. Fix Mistakes.
    b. Last minute Editing.
    5. Design:
    a. Cover/Labels.
    b. Graphics.
    c. Name of Album.
    d. Plagiarism/Originality.
    6. Reproducing.*
    a. Costs.*
    b. Making Decisions.*
    7. Business.
    a. Selling.
    b. Advertising.
    c. Money.
    d. Fun/Profit.

    This is more directed towards Kurt... but all are welcome to help. I need it.
  14. wiseal1

    wiseal1 Guest

    Hey Marcus,

    Here is a good book for you it covers alot of the questions you have. It's called the songwriter's demo manual and success guide by George Williams. I have a bunch of books on audio and live sound and this one in my humble oppinion is one of the best. Covers just about all the topics you need to know about and even gives you a list of other books to read.

    I did a search on the availability of this book since it was 1984 and found there is a newer version available. I strongly recomend that you get this book! It will set you on the right path...

    Good luck to ya
  15. therecordingart

    therecordingart Well-Known Member

    Jul 28, 2004
    I'm not trying to be a kiss ass, but that is AWESOME, Kurt!!!! You don't even know how many people here in Chicago have told me to go ^#$% myself when I offered to scrub toilets for free. It's really a breath of fresh air to see someone that is human. Humans are an endangered species here in the midwest.
  16. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Jul 2, 2002
    77 Sunset Lane.
    Thanks Art.
    The main reason I do this (RO) is because I want to pass on anything I may have learned. I have actually taught a few private students in the past and while I operated my commercial studio in SF I had many interns from several different schools work with us. I usually ended up putting them to work if they knew their stuff.

    Marcus ... I am sending you an EMAIL ... btw, who is your mentor?
  17. MarcusBellon

    MarcusBellon Guest

    His name is Brett DeYoung, he is my choir teacher. We recorded a CD last year.

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