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recording project

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Edu Zappa, Jan 3, 2004.

  1. Edu Zappa

    Edu Zappa Guest

    Happy New year everybody...

    I'm a new member of this great community, and I registered here, first of all, because I'm about to produce the greatest project of my whole life till now, I already produced other bands, but nothing serious... and now, it is!!... I'm a musician, and I'm still not cnfortable w/ engineering... I gonna produce my own band, we recently recorded one albun, released by WEA, and now we're with no record label, but we wanna produce an even better project, but with not so much $$, and without the effort of a record label ... well, what I need is those great tips, secrets, and motivation, to make this, the statement that I'm in the right track, I know that a producer must know what he wants, must find the spirit of the project... and I do, I just wanna make of it the perfect project... and it's going to be my first real project which I can proove that I was born to produce... or not... so, now, those who already has experience, please, if you could inpire me, telling me about your professinal experiences, episodes, and feelings which must surround a recording project, if some day I'll become a great producer, you'll never forget your advices!!!
    and I have some doubts:
    We have 2 studios, one has a G+, the other is Digital (HD3), with lots of great pres... I prefer the SSL, but we are going to use lots of samples, which I gonna work in my home, and I think that would be easier to fit and edit them in the pro tools, we gonna record one track w/ orchstra, but the orchestra cannot go to the studio (would cost too much $$)... so, I was thinking to record at the theater using a lap top, ... and if we record at the digital studio the costs would be much lower... besides sounding great, it's not a SSL... so, I don't know yet... one would be more confartable, the other I think that would sound much better... so... till now that's it...
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