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    Ok so. I have a 12 Channel mixer(soundcraft efx) and i record with it into reaper v3.1415

    I works really nice..but the RCA rec output sends the master mix into reaper.. is their a way to send the channels seperately into reaper??? i want to gate and eq and play around with each drum indevidualy withought changing the whole drum this possible??

    The mixer is pluged directley into the ps's mic slot. i only have an onboard sound card.

    I am new to recording and if anyone can'll defenitely help alot and i will really be very grateful

    Thank you very much!!

    p.s Should probably post this at home recording..silly me ; )
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    The easiest way is to use the channel insert jacks as individual channel sends. I believe on the Soundcraft mixers, you need to short the tip and sleeve of a TRS jack to get a signal to your interface.
  3. Peperoni,

    I started recording almost exactly the way you are saying. In order to do what you are wanting to, you are going to have to get a Recording Interface. Coming from an anolog mixers' RCA output to the 1/8th stereo input on your computer only sends a mixed signal of whats going through your board. An actual recording interface will bypass your onboard soundcard completly, connection to you pc via firewire, or usb. This will allow you to record multiple tracks at once while keeping them on seperate tracks in your software also.

    There are many different makes and models and everybody has there favorite. Me being a novice myself I went with Presonus FP10. It can record 8 consecutive inputs at once. You can also daisy chain units for more imputs if needed. I record a worship service at church with 2 units connected together and works very well. Recording a large group "live" in a situation like that requires a bit more gear.

    You didn't explain whether or not you were recording a band live, or tracking everybody individualy? If your just doing individual tracking I would go with an 8 input unit. This should give you the flexability you desire.

    Hope you find what your looking for.

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