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Discussion in 'Vocals' started by Sights, Aug 20, 2007.

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    Our recording room has two straight walls and one curved wall joining the other two. One of the straight walls and the curved wall is of rock, while the other straight wall is mainly glass doors and windows.

    We put foam mattress against the glass wall, mainly to stop bird and wind noise coming in (we have bush [forrest] surrounding our home).
    The room is not too lively and not dead; kind of ideal really.

    I am unable to afford acoustic treatment at the moment, :oops: but am able to hang blankets, doonas and mattreses if needed.

    My question it this.

    Which wall should we face to get the least amound of reflection; should it be the curved wall or one of the straight ones, or even the vertex. :?
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    This should be in the acoustics forum. I'm going to go with the curved wall.
    There are various things you can do for cheap, do you record drums ? It would be pretty easy (and cheap!) to make a cloud.

    I read somewhere (please don't hurt me if i'm wrong) a good way to reduce standing waves in a square room is get some plywood, put it on a frame and have it a meter or so off the ground and have it close to one of the walls. Its cheap and makes the room abit more complex. Then I guess you could put something over that put of plywood and turn it into a gobo of sorts, maybe some rigid fiberglass? Or a foam product? auralex?

    Good luck, hope to have helped you!

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