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  1. What is the best recording school out there... I mean like the harvard of recording schools?
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    Don't go to LARW.
  3. Kurt Foster

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    Jul 2, 2002
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    probably Full Sail ...
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    I've seen notes from both schools and have met people who have attended both in studio environments. The notes and curriculum look great but I don't know about the price it's a little high. I think if you went to either one of these schools with a high desire to learn and a willingness (and if you're able) to throw life away for a bit and just focus on studying for whatever the duration is then it can't hurt, especially with their intern and job placement programs. Though $13,000 is quite alot of money.. Might as well save, get some equipment and teach yourself at night while you're doing your studio job or something music related in the day if you really want to learn. I've heard alot about Full Sail and so far (with the exception of this other school I recently saw in the latest Digizine (I don't recall the name)) is the only school I've seriously considered going to.. But unfortunately can't right now. I think they have a great reputation for a reason (still alot of money but the $30,000 immersion from Full Sail is probably worth alot more in the long run than the $13,000 thing.. But I wouldn't know- I guess in the end you've just got to take a chance and give it your best shot.
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    For a "well rounded" education with a great recording program, Middle Tennessee State University.



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