Recording Sessions as easy as Setlists...?!?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Just1Ghost, Apr 7, 2005.

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  1. Just1Ghost

    Just1Ghost Guest

    I wonder...I've found surprisingly few "Studio Management" Software "out there" which leads me to the question: Does there exist "somewhere out there in the ether" a program/utility that would allow you to EITHER put in all of your equipment, then make lists of semi-specific equipment you'd likely use for those sessions, so that the next time you have - for instance - a live-to-16 session the program can "remind" you that you DON'T need those 15 extra mic cables, etc. -OR- might there be a list of "generic" mics, equipment, etc. that one might "start" with, in such a case so one doesn't have to blow those extra braincells stressing about what you MIGHT forget...???

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! I thank you all in advance!!!

  2. Massive Mastering

    Massive Mastering Well-Known Member

    Jul 18, 2004
    Chicago area, IL, USA
    Home Page:
    Decent studio management software costs a bundle...

    I'd suggest learning Excel or Access (both MS).

    If you don't have / can't afford the bucks, go to and download the Open Office Suite - It rawks hardcore... And it's free.
  3. could you by any chance post, upload, some templates that you use for keeping check of things, in OpenOffice?
  4. Massive Mastering

    Massive Mastering Well-Known Member

    Jul 18, 2004
    Chicago area, IL, USA
    Home Page:
    Actually, I don't have any. I use a good 'ol fashioned written calendar, QuickBooks and lots of coffee.

    The performing arts facility I work with uses Access for almost everything... You've got to be pretty hip to making templates for it, but it certainly seems to be the shite for scheduling, inventory, etc.
  5. T-Slice

    T-Slice Guest = Studio Suite
    A powerfull tool to manage your sessions/studio efficiently.
  6. Just1Ghost

    Just1Ghost Guest

    I agree, Studio Suite is...well...sweet, but I'm just starting out, I've only just registered my business in January, and I need my demo version to work as well as the real thing NOW until such time as I can purchase my own copy of SS5...something I've already started to budget for, it's worth it by FAR!!! I've been demoing it for a few weeks now and am lovin lovin lovin it!!!

    About my "other" topic, what I'm REALLY wondering is, is there a "rule of thumb" I could go by when it comes to last minute live per drum kit (5-piece): regular dynamic (eg.57) on snare top, condensers for OHs, etc., etc.

    I have an 8-9 piece band to record live in a church, made up of the above drum kit, bass guitar, rhythm and lead guitars, keyboards, piano, 1 percussionist(!!!), and 3 vocals. Beyond that, I plan at least a set of stereo ambient tracks...I won't be sure what all is involved with the percussionist until later tonight when I see them play at another church...

    I have 16 tracks to work with for tracking, with 8 left over for post-production...(a mobile 24-track system capable of recording only 16 tracks total at a time)

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated... Thanks again guys!!!

  7. T-Slice

    T-Slice Guest

    I'm not sure what you are asking for? Input list? Mic selection?
  8. Just1Ghost

    Just1Ghost Guest

    T-Slice: Mostly mic selection...although both would save me considerable time...just a ballpark to get me started, but if I/we could get together a few different "packages" if-you-will, like one for 'live-to-16', one for 'singer-songwriter', etc...

    I appreciate all the assistance I've been getting...I'll tell you all why, later...thanks...

  9. T-Slice

    T-Slice Guest

    Well, in that situation, I would do this.
    5-Bass Cab
    6-R Gtr Cab
    7-L Gtr Cab
    8-9-Keys LR
    10-11-Piano LR
    12-13-Room LR
    I assume you are tracking in a nice reverberand room, I wish you had at least two more tracks available to take advantage of that and have more room mics. Definately take a lot of time on the overheads making sure you get a clear image of the kit. Also, work on positioning your artists to manage bleed. As for mics, use what you got, I'm sure you know what works good where. You could make a decent album with nothing but 57's!

    On a small yet modest budget, these are the mics I would go with:
    Rode NT5 Pencil condensers Stereo Pair - cardiod - drums (OH HH R) - Instruments (acoustic Gtr-Piano) - These mics can be found at for around $300pr
    PPA LD2ube - Large diaphragm condenser mic x2 - great large diaphragm tube mic with external power supply - sounds amazing for stereo room, piano, acoustic gtr, vocals, very warm mic. $299ea
    PPA LD1 - Large diaphram condenser x2, cheaper, and sound great, high SPL use it on a gtr cab, it will be nice and clear - vocals - not as warm as tube, but higher SPL, not as fragile. $99ea
    PPA Rone - Ribbon Mic x2 - great ribbon knock off of the RCA ribbon mics - vocals - horns - brass - wood wind - $199ea
    Shure SM57 - cant get enough of those, they are nice mics, versatile and cheap $89
    AKG D112 x2 - I reall like those for kicks and Floor Tom bottoms. $149???
    Senheiser 421 x4 - snare, toms, gtr cabs $250???
    Electrovoice RE20 x2 - Guitar cabs - snare - horns - Kick drums (right inside the kick next to where the beater hits the head will give you a nice high end attack that will cut through the mix, just monitor phase relationships between an outter kick mic) - $300???
    All the PPA mics are really nice. I've heard them in action, and I say they stand up to the quality of $1,000+ mics, and may even sound better.
    I've reseached and put together a data base for over 60mics for personal reference, and of course if I had the money, there would be very expensive mics in there, but for a budget, this should get you making great sounds for less. So for around $3,000 you will have a sweet mic closet I will drool over.
    As for singer song writer, go with the Rode NT5 stereo pair, and a two nice large condensers, and two 57's for back up
    Also I like to have a couple DI's on hand just incase you need a clean signal, also re-amping can be fun, time consuming, but fun.
    Hope this helps, let me know if you need some different info.
  10. Just1Ghost

    Just1Ghost Guest


    I totally appreciate the help!!! It's gettin' down to the wire here, and I'm running out of options...mainly because (I forgot to mention) I only have 8 XLR ins (+ a 2ch.PreAmp for a grand total of 10 XLR ins). The rest are 1/4" TRS... I wish I could pick up even another little mixer and take the direct outs to my board, but...

    I'll letcha know more later...

  11. T-Slice

    T-Slice Guest

    Thats cool, I'm not sure if you can run the TRS as DI, but if so, then you can run your keys and gtrs in through the TRS's, and yeah, I wish I could have a million dollars but.... feel yah there!
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