Recording several MOTU 896HD´s

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Dweeze, Jun 23, 2013.

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    Anyone who has experience in syncing several MOTU 896HD´s. I´m into expanding my DAW rig, and I´m very happy with my 896HD. Using Logic & Macbook Pro for most of my mobile recordings. Is there any problems? I guess it´s best to stick with the same type of card, right?
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    I haven't personally used one of these. I imagine you should be fine as long as you've got them synced via word clock. If you end up using different units, you should be ok setting up an aggregate device as long as you have them word clock synced.
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    The real question is, do the driver support multiple units. If yes, you might not need to sync them with world clock.

    But that said, if you already have a 896, all you need might be the 8pre, which has a 8 channels ADAT output. Plug the 8pre in converter mode into the 896 ADAT input and you'll get 16 pre total.

    MOTU 896 mk3 with 8pre - YouTube
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    The MOTU 896HD product manual suggests you can daisy-chain up to four 896HD units on a single Mac FireWire port at standard sample rates and two if operating at higher rates. Setting up the master-slave relationship via the software control panel sets the slave units to use the clock in the master via appropriate BNC cabling.
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    i use 2408's chained into the same pci-e card and they work fine. they are mk1 and mk 2. so i stick w/ 24/44.1 rates. theres a digital mixer w/ apogee converters involved and they all play nice, on a g5.

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