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  1. Hi everybody.

    I give up, I just can't have any softsampler or instrument to be recorded to HD. I tried with Unity and Battery. Routing or bouncing don't work. As I still don't have a sound card (I'll go for a MOTU 828 soon)... I just wanted to know if I could maybe patch the main output of the 828 back to a couple of inputs and have the signal recorded back to DP. Would that be possible? I guess it should be... but just wanted to be sure cause it's kind of my last chance.

    Thanks for any help

  2. johnnytucats

    johnnytucats Guest

    You must be doing something wrong with Unity.

    1) are you hearing your Unity on your Aux Channel?

    2) did you then change the output of the Aux Channel to a particular bus channel (stereo, if applicable) and set the input of an Audio track to that bus channel?

    3) did you put that Audio track in Record Mode and try printing it that way?

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