Recording Software Plugins (from Sonar to Third Party) Help?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by atl123, Jul 31, 2008.

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    I am currently using Sonar. I have only used there included plugins. I like the plugins that are that (EQ, compression, etc.) but I wish there was more. Like a de-esser, autotune, etc.

    Does Logic or Cubase have more/better plugins compared to Sonar?

    What third party company makes the best plugins? I can only find information on Waves, but they are more expensive that the recording software.

    Some of the plugins I have seen at musiciansfriend were pricey in my opinion, especially when compared to an entire software recording suite.

    I also wish Sonar had a noise reducer (like Audition) has for mastering.

    Just looking for some general help and discussion. I figured somebody has been in this situation before and found a good/money friendly solution. I have been reading on plugins, but I will admit I am not the most knowledgeable on the topic. Thanks.
  2. Which version of Sonar are you using?

    If you are using 5,6 or 7 Producer Edition, I would say your in the box plugins are better than Cubase and comparable to Logic. Version 5 has the sonitus fx and lexicon reverb and 6 and 7 include this plus extra good stuff such as vintage channel (a rebadged Kjaerhus golden audio channel) with 2 compressors, sidechaining, de-essing etc.

    Audio editors such as Soundforge, Audition and Wavelab have the noise reduction plugins but I don't know of any DAWS other than Nuendo or Sequoia (optional on Samplitude 10 pro) that have noise reduction in the box.

    There is probably provision for de-essing in Sonar. Pitch fix - Logic has it but not Cubase or Sonar to my knowledge. Melodyne is cheap these days and works great for this.
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    Re: Recording Software Plugins (from Sonar to Third Party) H

    Me too neither! But if I was where you are at, I would work on that until I had a better understanding of plugins.

    Me, just me mind you, wouldn't change my recording software just to get different plugins. But I have had cakewalk pretty much from the start. And I know first hand it is expensive but does what I require of it.

    Maybe you too?

    Post your free plugin links!

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