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Discussion in 'Vocals' started by Clear888, Mar 8, 2005.

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    Hi. I'm new here and new to setting up a recording studio. I've been spending my time mostly in the big studios in the Bay Area. It would save me so much money to just setup my own studio geared for just tracking vocals. I can track the band there, mix on SSL, master there too. I'd like to track in my own place and maybe do some tuning too. The big studios run HD. From reading some of the postings here, I'm leaning towards the following setup: PT Digi 002, Soundelux U99 and either a Neve or Avalon mic pre. Maybe a digi converter too like Apogee?? and of course a set of good monitors. Dunno if I missed something. Anyway, my questions are:

    1. Will Digi 002 cut it to run high end mics and mic pres? I need the best quality without purchasing HD. I don't have to use PT although that would make file sharing easy with the big boys.

    2. What would be the best mic pre for U99? In the studio I've used C12, U47, and Soundelux U95s with Neve.

    3. Ultimately, what would be the best setup for a vocalist studio? Say a budget of 5 to 7K. I have a G4.

    4. Is Antares the standard for tuning or are there better products for pitch correction.

    Thank you.

    P.S. - My music is R&B/Neo Soul. I use traditional live instruments and vocals are many part harmonies normally. Very thick and warm vocal arrangements.
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    1. well if you are using a good high end Mic Pre and an outboard A/D converter then your interface really isn't that important because the signal is already digitized. a 002 is just fine for that part of the equation. It has SPDIF and ADAT Optical Inputs.

    2. Mic Pre's are all a matter of opinion and application. Recently I have been working with the Focusrite ISA series and I really like it.

    3. I would say to find a mic that best suits your voice. You'll probably spend between 1-3k on that. get a 002 Rack, there is another 1k. Get a decent set of monitors, another 1-2k.

    4. I have used the Antares tuner, I like it. I'd rather have the vocalist be on pitch though. That's a major plus of a home studio, cut the line again.

    Hope it helps.
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    You seem to have used some of the best gear! However, my idea of a pristine setup (not the most expensive!!) for recording quality voice in terms of Mics and Pre's would be any combinations of the following:

    Mics (FETs multipattern) - U87/Microtech Gefell M930 (Cardioid only but handles the voice better than the 87 without adding color), Microtech Gefell UMT 800, Rode NT 2000/NT-2A & Shure KSM44

    Pre's (Single or dual channels)- Avalon/Grace Design/SPL Gain1/Focusrite.

    Good luck
  4. Clear888

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    Thanks. I'll look into your suggestion and post back what I came up with. I haven't heard of Gefell but now you've got me curious!

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