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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by aswen001, Jul 27, 2005.

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    I have just been offered to interview for an intership at a recording studio. They do voice overs and commercials and whatnot. My question is, (to those of you that own studios or have gotten interships) What will they be looking for in this interview. What additional /specific info should i include in my resume? Should i bring a demo CD of what i have done on my own in my small home studio. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Im doing all i can to not let this opportunity slip away.
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    Good questions.

    I've had dozens of interns over the years so I'll tell you what I look for.

    1. confidence without arrogance. I want someone who isn't affraid to ask questions and have opinions (although, express them "after" the session is over and only to me)

    2. get into the flow of the sessions, don't always sit in the corner and wait for every instruction. When you see something that needs to be done, do it. It's as simple as making a fresh pot of coffee Even better, if there's a bad cable found during a session, suggest that you repair it after the sessions done.

    3. look hungry for knowledge. I won't take any intern on who looks like he/she is just trying to complete a course requirement.

    4. don't try to over-impress the studio owners. Be yourself, if it's a good fit, it'll happen.

    Just a few thoughts,

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    thanks for the info. will definately use it on friday. im getting nervous as i dont want to mess up any optunities i get, cause they could be few and far between.
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    All good ideas. I would add a couple...

    Don't be a know it all and try and convince your potential employer that you know more than you really know. This can lead to all kinds of problems later on.

    Ask questions if you do not understand something. Ask before you make a big boo boo with a client's material.

    Look for things to do. Ask for work. Make yourself invaluable to the studio owner. Who knows you may get a job offer out of your internship. Don't get upset if you are asked to "clean up" after a session or take out the trash. It is part of being an intern.

    Don't get star struck if a big name walks entertainer walks into your studio. Be yourself and don't try and get an autograph unless your employer approves in advance. These people are there to do a job and not to sign autographs.

    Be attentive to what is going on around you. Try and stay focused on the job at hand and if the person doing a session needs some help be aware of this and don't "zone out" or daydream.

    Don't ask questions at inopportune times. Wait until the engineer or others have a free moment before asking about something. Many times in the heat of a session, especially with big name clients, there is not time for anything except getting the session done.If you ask questions that are not pertinent to the task at hand you could cause problems or cause the engineer to have momentary lapse in judgment or concentration and could jeopardize the session.

    Watch your personal hygiene. You are working with big name clients and they are not amused by someone who looks or smells dirty. Ask your employer what type of dress is appropriate for day to day wear and if he says dress slacks and dress shirt don't come to work in a pair of cut offs and a tee shirt. Most studios today are comfortable places to work and the dress code is casual but it is better to ask about the "dress code" than to make assumptions and come inappropriately dressed for work.

    I would also add that the best policy is to be yourself. Most people can spot a "phony" and you want to give the best impression you can.
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    thanks for all the wonderfull advice, i will definately take them all with me to my interview.
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    i got the internship, thanks for all the help guys!!!

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