Recording tech Improved? (Just for fun) Too cool!

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by wrave, Feb 21, 2002.

  1. wrave

    wrave Guest

    I'm interested in what you guys might think of this. Someone sent me the link to this page and I've had a lot of fun listening to these tunes. I kinda thought this might spark some discussion on the improvements in recording technology. Or possibly it can serve as a catalyst to some talk about the changes in music styles over the years. This stuff gives me some thoughts about a lost innocence, culturally, musically and in the ways our sophistication makes demands on the entire entertainment industry.

    Hoosier Hot Shots

    And who said there wasn't anything happening out here in the sticks?

  2. wrave

    wrave Guest

    It's hard to believe that nobody had any inclination to comment on any of these tunes. It may well be that I am the oldest guy reading these forums but I thought surely someone would get a kick out of this stuff.

    Could it be that this forum takes itself way to seriously? Naw, I've seen some of the comments in the other message chains.

    Anyway, sorry I brought it up. I just thought maybe someone here would love music enough to appreciate music made without all the pretentiousness we seem to wrap ourselves in these days. If I was wrong it wouldn't be the first time. :roll:
  3. Solfatio

    Solfatio Guest

    I think they've all been shocked into silence...


    These almost sound like they were tracked live with a couple of mics stuck in the's hard to tell with RealAudio what the real quality is like, but as far as the sounds themselves it works really well. <grin>

    All original material? It's hard to tell with this style... =O

    I guess I could explore the site and find answers, but I'm at work, so...I'm limiting myself to just reading the BBS.
  4. Solfatio

    Solfatio Guest

    LOL, these actually *are* that old, then...not just something done in the style...

    And here I was thinking they were one of the few 'retro' bands that could actually pull it off without making themselves sound foolish...
  5. wrave

    wrave Guest

    I was really pretty amazed that a library of recordings this old had been preserved. Imagine what else must be out there if there are this many recordings of an obscure band like the "Hoosier Hot Shots"! Looks like a lot of this may have been archived material by WOWO radio in Ft. Wayne.

    I just think it's a treat. Think anyone will find any licks to steal? :eek:

    I'm going looking for a slide whistle!!!
  6. McAllister

    McAllister Active Member

    Jun 14, 2001

    Proves that the recording medium means much less than the song & performance.
  7. JM350

    JM350 Guest

    Yeah, ribbon mics and tube equipment cut direct to disc and the music sounds pretty good anyway :roll: If you have any of that kind of junk taking up space you can just send it to me.
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