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Recording Techniques

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Lyriks, Mar 31, 2005.

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  1. Lyriks

    Lyriks Guest

    I have Cakewalk Plasma, Cakewalk Homestudio, Cool Edit Pro 2.0, Wavelab, Cakewalk Pro Audio 9, and Soundforge 5.0 and 6.0. First I would like to know which is the best and some techniques for any of those. Next I just brought a mic that I have hooked to a mixer which is hooked to my computer. I am getting a pretty good sound through it but if anyone has any useful information for an amature could you help me out lol.
  2. T-Slice

    T-Slice Guest


    Put the mic really close to the speaker, then turn the volume up really loud!

    J/k the thought of someone actually doing that made me laugh, what kind of tips are you looking for?

    There are so many factors in recording, you need to start somewhere.
    Where and what is the sound source?
    Where is the location you are recording it?
    Where and how does the sound originate from the source?

    I dont even know what to tell you, thats too basic of a question, I need more info on what you're recording.

    Listen to the source, get in there and listen to what it sound like in the room, when you have something that sounds good to your ear, put a mic there, then go back to your control room, turn up the pre amp, and see if it still sounds like it did out in the room, chances are you will be happy with that.

    No matter what, you are doing a digital recording, so you absolutely must not get your recording level too hot, clipping the audio (hitting the AD converter with too hot of a level) can not be fixed in the mix. So do a couple practice takes (you might want to record anyway while checking levels, you may get the take you want, so record at all times, you can always trash it later) Make sure your level is hot, but not clipping and you will be on your way to getting good levels. Maximizing your word length is prime!

    I could ramble on for hours to such a question, so what exactly do you want to know?
  3. Cucco

    Cucco Well-Known Member

    Mar 8, 2004
    Tacoma, WA
    Hmmmm.... So many software package, so little experience... can you say Kazaa??

    First, find out which interface/layout you like the best. This is (IMO) 90% of what makes a DAW sound good is how good you are at making it work!

    Second, buy the one you like. I don't mean to jump to conclusions, but I'm assuming if you have all of those, you probably didn't pay for them. If you did, you have even more issues than just a few pirated titles. Remember - it's their (the software designers') intellectual property and they depend on our (the consumers') money to continue development and provide upgrades. Just like we rely on record sales and we wouldn't want people just copying our stuff cuz they can...

    As for the mic - this forum is chock full o' ideas on what to do with mics. My advice is to simply start reading topics until your eyes bleed from too much monitor radiation. Then, you'll have a decent understanding of what to do. At that point you can get out and do some recording just to find out that all the words in this forum don't mean jack, B/C in real life, everything is different.

  4. Lyriks

    Lyriks Guest

    some i did pay for and some I didnt. but I am recording through my computer using cakewalk plasma. I have a Behringer Mixer hooked up through the soundcard port on my computer. Then with that im running phantom power through a separate source which is plugged in first through the line in on my mixer into the phantom power box, and another cord from the phantom power box that goes to the mic (Marshall MCA SP1 Condenser Mic). It works pretty good but I know that I am inexperianced so what sounds good to me could sound like trash to someone who is more experianced. I usually upload to the beat to one of the tracks on cakewalk and use the other tracks to record. But I dont have my mic set up in a seperate room yet because I need new headphones because the old pair has a short cord. So I have been recording in the same room as my computer but I have been using headphones so the beat wont go through the mic. I have been editing through Cool Edit and if anyone can give me any useful tips with that I would appreciate it.
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