Recording Tracks simultaneously but only getting one track

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Waitech, Mar 24, 2005.

  1. Waitech

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    hi all
    I experiences a problem while recording and I hope that someone can advise me or give me sticky on this related subject.

    I am using Cakewalk Guitar Pro to record my work thru a mixer.
    I am using a M-Audio 4 in/ 4 out trs for the pc.
    How can I have separate tracks when I record simultaneously.
    Everytime I dual with my guitar buddy & record, we only get one track.
    I want to lay out separate tracks if I have a band playing together. How can I achieve this? Is it the software I am using or I dont have the mixer setup correctly. Anyway advise given is appreciate. thanks!!!
  2. george745

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    I haven't used Cakewalk Guitar Pro but first you need to do is figure out how many tracks it can record separetly. If it can only record one track at a time you may have to switch programs to get this. Someone else will have to help you out on this one.

    The mixer also has to be able to send 4 channels out to the break out box of the Delta 44. Does your mixer have subgroups? If it does then send each channel to a different subgroup and into the delta 44. If it doesn't have subgroups you should still be able to send two seperate mono channels to your program, left and right mono. I have the delta 44 and I send each of my lines into the the subgroups paned hard left and right. This way I get 4 mono tracks. The Delta 44 has mono inputs so all your need are ts jacks going into it.

    Hope this helps. If you can tell me what mixer your using I'm sure I could tell you exactly how to set it up. I'll also look into Cakewalk Guitar Pro that way I can tell you exactly what you need
  3. Waitech

    Waitech Guest

    thanks so much for the quick reply Andrew.
    Here are the equipment I am using:

    I send my signals from the sub output 1 & 2 of the mixer to
    the audio interface input 1 & 2.
    I get mono signal coming from the mixer to the pc.

    I have my guitar multi-effect processor plug to the channel 1 & 2 of the mixer.
    My friend's guitar has it in channel 3. I tried panning all the channels and still get mono sounds.

    Could this be the reason that I couldnt have two separate tracks when I record. Please Help! Thanks!!!
  4. rendog

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    same problem with acid

    i'm having the same problem recording with acid pro. I'm trying to record drums and guitar simultainiously but seperate. I've tried to seperate my mixers to two different sound cards on my computer but i don't think that it's reading both of them , only one at a time. So I also tried to pan the traks but it records in stereo. is ther any software out there to where you can start recording two traks at the same time and designate the tracks to certain sound cards in your computer or am i just going about this the wrong way? Thanks for bring up the subject i've been trying this for about a year and its driving me crazy. any other options, I'd really appreciate it :?
  5. george745

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    I'll start with Waitech. I checked out the links your posted and checked out the Cakewalk website. Ok connect inputs 1-2 of the M-audio break out box to the main inputs of the mixer. Connect inputs 3-4 into the sub-groups of your mixer. The sub-groups look like there is a mono button above each one make sure that's on. Now for each track pan it either left or right and either send it to main mix or the sub-groups. So track one panned left, with main mix would no only send track one as a mono signal into your computer.So you should have a seperate right and left for the main mix and the sub-groups.

    Then inside the program you have to specify what track you want each signal to go to. This is usually done by right clicking on each red record buttons for each track, or in the recording options in the program. Hopefully now all you have to do is hit record and you'll get four tracks. Hope this works.

    Rendog- Hopefully my answer to waitech's problem gave you some idea. I checked out Acid pro's website and couldn't find if it allows mulit-tracking. Are the sound cards the same thing? If they are two different sound card there could be trouble getting them to work together and then latency problems come into play. M-audio makes some good multiple inputs cards if you decide to get one of those. But try to look into recording options menu in your program or right clicking on the recording buttons on the tracks. Hope this helps feel free to ask any more questions.
  6. Waitech

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    It finally work, i just plug both the sub & main output to the audio interface and the signal came out awesome. I have to adjust the stereo option in Cakewalk. Thanks for ur time and help Andrew. I appreciate it.

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