Recording Vocals in your DAW (Logic)

Discussion in 'Computing' started by alexz, Nov 24, 2009.

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    Im farley new to the music thing. Im trying to learn as much as I can.

    My question/problem I have is Im using a cheap o CAD USB MIC to record directly into Logic.

    Problem: Vocals are way too loud they hit the clip point even if i lower the volume slider on the track im recording on to lets say -20db it still clips.

    Question: Is this something that will always happen with my setup or is there a way to get a plugin or something that will act kinda like a pre amp to where you can adjust how loud your audio is coming in ? Kinda like some padding?

    Thanks for reading sorry if I might sound ignorant to all the terminology im still learning..
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    Most DAW software will not alter the incoming signals level. The slider control affects the monitoring chain only in other words playback. The recording level must be set by the input device, if your CAD mic has no volume (gain) control on it then you may be out of luck. I know of no USB attenuator (pad device) though there may be.
    Does your mic have a pad switch (-10) and is this engaged?
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    You have a condenser microphone. These microphones, unlike dynamic microphones, can overload their internal electronics. This is why your microphone has a "- 10" switch on it. That's - 10 DB. That prevents the microphone capsule from overloading its internal electronics. Use it. And no, you don't have to "work" the microphone by moving to or from it. You will however want to a judicious amounts of compression in the software after you record your track. And if you are screaming like some kind of death metal fool? Don't use a condenser microphone, use a dynamic like a SM58. Then all you need to do is purchase one of those "XLR" to USB devices by Rode & others. But if you want to screech like a monkey? Go for it.

    I don't monkey around with monkeys
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    I see ok.

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