recording vocals issue

Discussion in 'Vocalists' started by newbeeproducer, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone im new here .I make reggton beats and wanted to record vocals .Heres my set up
    M-audio mobile preamp audio interface
    krk rokit 5 monitors
    M-audio oxygen midi controller
    Digital Reference condernser mic (not the best)

    Ok Im usind acid 5 and reson in rewire .
    I want to record vocals really new at vocals .Ok when i go to acid and hit the record the window pops up for choosing the soundcard which is already in there, but when i talk or sing into the mic only one of the meters goes up like if it was mono this is the recording device i choose
    Line in 1 mobilepre/line 2 m

    do vocals always record like in a mono format or do i have to get like a splitter of some sort?
    im really new the vocals, when recorded, sounds way crappy not stereo or just on one side
    any help would be appreciated guys
    another thing when i switch the inputs in the interface to line 2 then the other meter goes up and the left one goes dead

    thanks in advance for any help ok guys :D

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