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    COLUMBIA Guest

    hello, fairly new to this....

    i have a BOSS BR-864 digital recorder, and a RODE NT-3 mic.... i was considering purchasing a larger diapraghm rode mic as well.. but how would i go about recording the same thing with 2 different mics when there is only the one mic jack in the back of my recorder?

    also, placements of each mic for acoustic guitar, vocals, and electric guitar... any help would be appreciated...

  2. David French

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    Jun 19, 2002
    I looked up the unit in question and found that it has one XLR input and one TRS input. It this a combination jack or are these separate inputs? If they are separate, will they accept signals simultaneously? If so, you could use an adapter to plug another mic into the TRS jack. If no, you're going to need a small mixer. With that, you could plug two mics into the mixer, pan them both to the same side, and use that side of the stereo out on the mixer to feed you single input.

    COLUMBIA Guest

    sorry, i'm pretty clueless when it comes to terminology... but i assume that TRS input is a jack like a guitar into an amp?

    you can press both inputs at the same time for simultaneous recording on 2 different tracks... for example, i could plug my guitar directly in the mixer, and sing into the mic... and it would record vocals on track 1, and guitar on track 2 simultaneously....

    so if this is the case, i would be able to stick a second microphone into the TRS jack and record each mic onto a different track?
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    TRS means tip, ring, sleeve. It has two conductors and one ground. You should see two dividers on a TRS plug. Guitar plugs are just TS (tip, sleeve) and you'd see just one divider on those plugs.

    TRS is a balanced connection with a +4dBv level (line level-- mics are usually on an XLR because they do not produce that much voltage before the preamp) and TS is an unbalanced connection with a -10dBV level.


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