Recording with a MXL 990 mic, can I make my vox sound better

Discussion in 'Vocals' started by Baderup99, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. Baderup99

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    Im a freshmen college student and have recorded three songs with my friend literally in my dorm room. Haha. I like many others have the MXL 990/991 condenser mic pack that I got for under a $100. I made a quick myspace with the three songs I've recorded. I wanted some input on how the vocals sound? It seems no matter how good of a vocal performance I record it never sounds as good as professional recordings and it can be frustrating. But i think for the mic I'm working with i get pretty good vocals, but wondering if they could be better? I use some compression, reverb, and very very little chorus on the vocal tracks. My vocals arent doubled either.

    I use Ableton Live and an Alesis Multimix12 FW.
    I also contructed a homemade pop filter that I use over the MXL 990.
    Thanks a lot!!

  2. griz

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    Mar 16, 2007
    That's why they call them professional recordings. I couldn't resist the opportunity for sarcasm.

    You've got quite a Bob Dylan thing going on in those cuts. IMO, you've done a very nice job on those tracks.

    Your voice track is not as full as the music tracks so your vocals do not have the presence in the music that they could. However, fattening your voice track would likely sacrifice the "Dylan-esk" sound.
  3. Baderup99

    Baderup99 Guest

    Hi, finally a response to my post! Thank you HA. Since then I've bought an AT4033CL, which I hope will make a difference with my vocals. I added compression, reverb and i believe a very very little chorus.

    What do you suggest for fattening up the vocals? I have the one main vocal track panned to the center.
  4. CombatWombat

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    Dec 17, 2004
    Portland, Or
    Sorry I can't offer a lot of advice as I'm just as novice as you are (looks like perhaps more novice :). Just wanted to say that for a dorm room recordings, they sound pretty darn good!
  5. Baderup99

    Baderup99 Guest

    thanks combat. I just think the vocals could be more lively or be more present and forward in the song, and its not the performance of the singer, because he is a great singer and recorded it very well.
  6. empri330

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    Yo ...Andrew i love the songs...the material is really good
    ( I'm A hip hopper who happens to appreciate ALL forms of GOOD music ). I love your stuff dog! Very emotional and moody. I think you need to get a better mix so more people can appreciate your stuff. Not everyone is like me and not everyone can see past the MINOR imperfections in your mix. I'm not saying that your stuff is smash hit level just yet but I can honestly say that with a little bit of tweaking you definitely have some cult classic material on your hands... the MXL990 sounds good on you but Just like me I feel that you should save and get a more quality mic even a Nady scm1000 in conjuction with a Presonus Bluetube pre amp will add a little more clarity and warmth to your sound. Keep up the good work are on the right path.
  7. Baderup99

    Baderup99 Guest

    hey empri thanks a lot

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