recording with firewire solo and logic express

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by yanijoseph, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. yanijoseph

    yanijoseph Guest

    hi everyone. i had logic express installed on my machine ...then i bought a firewire solo m-audio device to do some recording! cant get it to work though and don't know how to communicate it with logic and what i have to do. any suggestions please!

  2. Bryan Talbot

    Bryan Talbot Guest

    What does your audio setup say? Assuming you've installed the driver that came with the Solo, you should be able to see the Solo as a choice of audio interface.

    Can you be more specific as to how the problem presents itself.
  3. eco1234

    eco1234 Guest

    can u tel me more bout u hardware n software , den if i noe i mus help u .
  4. yanijoseph

    yanijoseph Guest

    thanks for your interst. basically i insalled the driver then in mysystem prefernces i see an m-audio option box. i press that and it comes up with a few channels which when i plug a guitar into my box i can see a signal. basicallty i just dont know how to record in logic express . for the sounds preference i have slected firewire solo as an input.

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