Recording with Pod X3 Live



Hey guys!

I am trying to weigh my options on all of this recording stuff and I am looking at interfaces and all that good business but I want to get the most for what I pay for my gear, just like all of you. My question is have any of you ever recorded with the Pod X3 live? I have been reading about this on musiciansfriend and it claims to be able to plug straight into protools or any other pro level audio recording software and do the job through a 2.0 USB. Would this act as an interface? If it does this would be a great solution for me because I play live alot with just me and an acoustic guitar and I could really use this to spice up my live sound and also use it to record straight to my mac with garageband. I also want to know if any of you have used the apogee duet and is it worth the extra money you spend for it? I have been looking at interfaces and saw the firewire interfaces that are around $200. Is the apogee better? I also want to know if firewire or USB is better for recording. I am really just overwhelmed by all of this stuff.

It would be great if someone would just post a long reply about what would be the optimal setup using garage band. Of course, keep it on a budget. I dont mind spending a little extra for a better product but dont want to get to out of hand. Most of the time I will just be recording acoustic guitar and vocals. I also my record electronic drums, electric guitar, keyboard, and bass with my band but this would be very seldom.

Sorry this post was so long guys.