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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by brooke, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. brooke

    brooke Guest

    Is this a decent place to use for registering your bandname?

    I'm a Canadian artist if that helps.
  2. Adore

    Adore Guest

    I think I have checked that site before, if not it was one similar....

    I've noticed even in the US there were bands registered with the same name on that site. Just sign in and look for search for common band names.... not sure if this registration is only valid locally for each state or not,,,

    read here...
  3. brooke

    brooke Guest

    Thanks muchly! :)
  4. I have had friends and aqantinces use that particular website, and while it's always good for a band to get themselves into as many databases as they can, that's all they are, large databases', so do some additional research for the name you chose for the band. I know somebody who used that website for a particular name, didn't find any matches, got excited cause he figured since it wasn't their he was going to use it, had all different kinds of designs being made, and then a week later after some suggestions used a search engine and found a band website with that EXACT SAME name. Just some advice from experience!
  5. brooke

    brooke Guest

    Thanks for the tips! Will do.
  6. Adore

    Adore Guest

    In this particular case what would prevail legally speaking ?


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