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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by drumist69, Oct 9, 2007.

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    First some background...My band has been together for about a year now. We've recorded a pretty good demo here at my home studio. There's enough material for a full "album" release. There's a friend of the band (we've all known him for years through various sources, and have all recorded with him in the past) who runs what I would call a "project studio".

    He's running some form of Pro Tools on a G4, I know. He's got a decently treated control room and an adequate live room. He has a respectable collection of mics, though nothing earth-shattering. Same goes for pre's. Basically, we're talking in the AT4050 range for top vocal mics, I think he has some Earthworks stuff for drums, and assorted others of all types.

    In general, the guy does good work, and keeps getting better (from what I've heard of it). My question then is, as an unheard of local band, would we be better served releasing our "home-brewed" stuff now (or in the near future), or waiting, saving up the gig money, and recording with him. This would probably push any CD release back by at least 6 months, more likely a year, as we have all had some hard times financially lately.

    Anyway, just looking for some opinions here. Let me know if anyone has thoughts about this. Thanks! Andy
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    It's pretty hard to answer that without hearing the demo that you have now.
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    Does he get good bass sounds????!!! :shock:

    Heres my take. You have done a remarkable job with the gear and the room you've been in. There are some issues with the final sound as we have discussed at some length, and you have heard what I and others have pointed out to you and made things better.

    A 'release' is going to cost a certain amount of cash no matter where you record. While its true that your budget gets bigger re-recording everything, I think the improvement in sound will bring the material up more than a single notch. One great big bonus, is you know the songs inside and out, and tracking will take you less time than it might going in cold. If this guy knows his gear and his room, then it'll be a snap.At least the tracking part............Theres something that happens when you step up a whole lot sonically, and this is usually in the suddenly find all kinds of stuff present that you never really heard before and it can be a bit of a shock.....OR a huge revealation!

    Here are some cautions......Since you've worked with this guy before, hopefully a relationship has been forged, If you are uncertain of this, get it out in the open from the get-go. The last thing you want is to get midway through a project and have it go belly-up. Establish the 'pecking order'...Whos the 'producer'...whos the primary arranger/songwriter...When in-session whos the decision-maker on sounds/arrangement/song etc...How much of a say in the sound does the studio have? Is this a workable arrangement....He will know his gear and room...YOU know your music...theres a great place in the middle of that that will get you what you need.

    Maybe hes into barter and trade...Find out what you have within your group that he needs in order to get this thing started. Could be labor, or technical advice, or studio musicianship for other clients.

    Remember that this is a different surrounding than your place. The vibe may be a lot different. Be sure to bring your own vibe!

    Above all, respect the studio like its your own.

    Do I think you should do it?

    Without a doubt. If I was there you'd do it here.
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    OK, as far as this studio owner/engineeer/mixer guy goes...He's good. Technically, he's killer (as far as I can tell). I've bounced mixes off him, and he gave me very specific advice that helped things along.

    However! In the past, with my last band, he seemed unwilling to try things we wanted to do. If we came up with some idea that we thought was cool or interesting or at least worth checking out, he would frequently shoot it down with "techno-babble" (at the time I had no recording experience), or find some other reason why it was not workable. I think this might be different since my current band goes way back with him at this point. These guys are pretty tight, personally. Actually, we're playing a gig with his band this Saturday.

    I think, probably, you're right Dave. If for no other reason than we are tighter and more coherent on the songs now, as well as the fact that he will be able to capture it better than I can at home. The issue then is the money. We'll figure that out when it comes down, then, I guess! Thanks for the honest input! (LOL about the bass! I'm working on it, fer christ's sake!) Andy

    Edit: thanks for that last line, Dave...means a lot!

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