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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by johnthemainliner, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. i am planning on recording some future concerts of my band. we are a three piece rock band, and our current gear will have to suffice, due to lack of funds. i would like to get a piece of equipment that would let me just stream my live audio to some sort of digital tape/cd, whatever. it would be great to get something that would allow recording of 8 or so tracks, but unfortunately money is limiting for young musicians like myself. i have a great laptop and software for editing, so i dont need one of those multitrack workstations, i am looking for something to only capture and store my audio, then i will transfer the files to my daw. here's what i have to offer... thanks in advance!

    laptop (pc) w/ n-track, cool edit pro 2
    motu 828 interface (firewire)
    one condenser mic
    4 dynamic mics
    4 piece drum mic kit
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    since you have a laptop why don't you just bring it? THen you will have 8 tracks to work with latter like you want. Plus, it's free because you already have it.

    I don't know what will be going into consol/PA so I can't help you with configureation. But, I would try to work in a pair of room mics out in the audience for ambience/reverb.
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    If you do bring the laptop I would practice recording the whole band a couple times before hand. You don't want to be all crowded around a computer troubleshooting while your fans are waiting.
  4. i dont know how stable my laptop would be after a while or recording. i use it now to record short 3-5 minute tracks/songs and it works great. i wanted something i could setup, hit record, and be worry free for the next hour or recording. anybody know of software or a technique to use on a laptop to allow for this long of recording with no trouble? I use n-track, might get mackie's tracktion, but i dont know.

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