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Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by the lewis bros., Nov 15, 2005.

  1. I've been tracking/mixing with Alesis Monitor Ones/RA100 for a few years, and I'm tired of the less than stellar reproduction.
    Does anyone consider KRK V8's be a step up?
    I mix folk/rock/pop etc. on Cubase/Wavelab with a Delta 66 card.

    I guess I have a few bucks and I'm wondering where to get the best improvement in the chain.
    AD/DA, monitors/amp, pre's etc.
    I use some Rode/CAD/Shure mics through a Blue tube or Roland MP1 preamp.
  2. What you think about Yamahas MSP10 ?

    I've worked since 2001 with it, and I'm satisfied a lot...
    I think, superior than KRKs V8 and Mackies 824.
  3. Thanks for your response.
    I think I'll go for a listening test with some different material, with the three you mentioned.
  4. TheArchitect

    TheArchitect Active Member

    Mar 26, 2005
    They aren't perfect but they are better than you are giving them credit for,
  5. I'm talking the original "Monitor One" as I said in the body of my post. I mistakenly shortened this to M1, the later Alesis model in the subject line.
    As passive monitors, I'm used to them, but the RA100 amp is noisy after three years. I've never heard anyone sing it's praises.
    This was really an entry level monitoring system.
    So, I think I'm giving them just the right amount of credit. :wink:
  6. i went from a passive to a powered pair of m1's mkII and my next step was genelecs. the genelcs are a little more top heavey but the bass response seemed pretty simliar in my room. i really like mn genelecs. but i will have to be adding a more accurate pair of monitors soon like ns10's or something along those lines
    hope that helps
  7. TheArchitect

    TheArchitect Active Member

    Mar 26, 2005
    Did I hear that right? You think ns10's are more accurate than Genelecs?
  8. i think the genelecs are more coloured. they deff aren't as harsh as a pair of ns10s but they can sound "too good" at times if you are not used to them. Ns10s dont cover up mixes the genelecs do a little bit. along the same lines of the expose series from krk. that is my opinion
  9. JamesG

    JamesG Guest

    If you can make your mix sound good on NS10s it will sound good on anything
  10. that is the point i was trying to make, the genelecs that i have are great monitors, but for critical eq'ing and such i would like to get myself some ns 10's
  11. TeddyG

    TeddyG Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2005
    No time at the moment(Ham radio meeting to go to), but, has anyone heard the "new NS10's"? I suppose they aren't really like the NS10's? Though they are speakers with white cones! Several models(Sizes)...

    Just wondered if anyone has seen/heard them. Don't recall their "names"... On the Yamaha site, though...

    Just one more quick comment on the Alesis upgrade(Again, I'm pressed for time, here, pardon if I missed this). Are you going to stick with passives(Some folks seem to and most of the big manufacturers offer similar speakers in passive or active - Which I didn't really figure out 'til I got to looking). Me? I don't know? I can think of an advantage or two with passives, but... I just don't know? For now, for me, I could go with anything, as my needs are not as critical as others - the Alesis M1A Actives, or MSP5's, would be a "serious" upgrade for me - but, I'm old... and 'seperates' of everything is still attractive - though, modern, bi-amped actives seem to make alot of sense......

  12. JamesG

    JamesG Guest

    HAHAHAHAHA, the HS series sounds NOTHING like NS10s. I did an A/B test with them at the studio I intern at and wow.... they sound more like Genelecs (forget the exact Genelec model they have). My friend bought the 8 inch woofer model HS80s I believe. They have so much bass, nothing like the NS10s, when you roll off the bass on the HS80s the NS10s then put out more bass... you can't win. They don't have the same mid range as the NS10s. The tweeter and the woofer just don't work well together. I repeat the HS series sounds NOTHING like NS10s.

    p.s if your looking for new monitors I recommend KRK V6s I love mine.
  13. true on the new yamahas, my rep at work wouldnt compare them, to ns10's said theywere way more bassy. bu tthat goes to show you how yuamaha ^#$%s things up. they have consitently (from a retail point of view) done this.....
    i love my genelecs. the krk's are awesome too, monitorones are sorely under rated if ou ask me also
  14. TeddyG

    TeddyG Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2005
    Thankx for the comments on the Yamahas... I'll try to hear them, myself, sometime...

    However, awhile back I listened to some KRK's, some Events and the Mackies(624 and 824) - they were all supposed to be "similar", though I forget which of the others? Anyway, the Mackies - both of which were MUCH more expensive than the others - "won" hands-down(At that time, in that place, with those speakers!), though even the "best of"(Or at least the "priciest of" the bunch) the 824's, I didn't like completely... I haven't heard any 2-way 8" that I do like - yet, anyway. The 624's, then, were the "easy choice" - in THAT particular round-up...

  15. axel

    axel Guest

    JamesG wrote:

  16. Don't hold back Axel...tell us what you really think... :lol:
  17. axel

    axel Guest

    Don't you worry! i always do, even if it doesn't necessary help a lot in order to make friends, but that's not important.

    however to cut a long corner short.

    i really believe and KNOW that today there are dozens of very excellent monitorsystems around, usually just being slightly different in overqall tonal character, however if you can't come up with a mix that translates on a majority of average stereos, than it's shurely your disability to mix, and not the monitors fault, it's always easy to blame the gear...

    i need this, i need that, blah, blah, i have this, i have that and my skills are shite!!

    it is really a subject that gets me highly emotional involved, sorry for that, just can't help myself. if i have to read that there is that magic piece of equipment, that clearly doesn't exist!

    lee scratch perry for example in his black ark studio used a custommade hughe basshavy monster in MONO, please tell me that this man did not came up with dozens of inovative productions (that includes his mixdowns as well!) which are listened to all over the world on simple home stereos and walkmans, he was simply a man with creativity, VISION, musicality and Skills.

  18. axel

    axel Guest

    ok the following text is stolen from the mastering section here on RO, but however it reflects beautifully what i am talking about, without any insult, it's a spirit. lost to many times in our industrie!!

    cucco wrote:

    it's the nail hit on the head.

  19. That all goes without saying.
    I am the first proponent of a good artist, good performance, and good recording. However, to follow your argument, we all should be mixing on computer speakers, cause it doesn't matter if we know what we are doing.
    Why then, when I'm in professional studios to do albums, do they have better speakers than I can afford. They don't NEED them to get a good mix. ;)

    I think I still would like a better set of monitors than passive Monitor Ones with an RA100 amp which is failing.
    Just my wish.
    I shouldn't have posted this thread...I'll just go have a listen for myself, which I would do anyway.
  20. genelec 8030

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